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Blockchain Technology Specialist Dr. Paolo Tasca (UCL: University College London, Professor of Economics) has announced to act as an adviser of the Linker Coin ICO that will connect (Network of Networks) Crypto-Currencies around the world to take its global leap forward.

Linker Coin ICO that Professor Paolo Tasca will act as an advisor, is one of the most popular ICOs in South Korea finishing its 1st pre-sale in just 10 seconds and the following 2nd and 3rd round pre-sales all ending with early sold-outs. Linker Coin has the goal to connect the Crypto-Currency network and create a “Network of Networks” in the cryptocurrency world. The meaning of connecting networks (Fiat-Currency, Crypto-Currency and Crypto-Currencies created through ICOs and so on) is that it can be “Mutually Tradeable” where this feature is supported by the “Linker. The “Linker” is a collection of systems that connect with each other to allow “Mutual Trade” between the cryptocurrency market, finance market, digital trade market and many other economic networks with the Linker Coin Network. The strength of Linker Coin is that the key members have transcendent experience and ability to manage exchanges and provide liquidity as they are financial engineering based system traders and market makers. Based on these strengths, Linker Coin aims to gain their competitiveness in the cryptocurrency world by developing the “Linker” that consist of the Decentralized Exchange, Semi-decentralized Exchange, Centralized Exchange, Market Maker, Liquidity Provider, Trading System and an Electronic Commerce System. The Linker system will provide liquidity by introducing an incentive system of a Market Maker and Liquidity Provider so that mutual transactions between realistic networks can be realized beyond the simple implementation of exchanges.

Professor Tasca who will be acting as Linker Coin’s Advisor is a Digital Economist and one of the top 100 most influential BlockChain professionals. He is a FinTech economist specializing in P2P financial systems and an advisor on blockchain technologies for different international organizations including the EU Parliament and the United Nations. Furthermore, Professor Tasca is the founder and Executive Director of the Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL CBT) at University College London. As Executive Director of the UCL CBT, Paolo is also directly involved in various research projects concerning different application fields of blockchain technologies. Professor Tasca is expected to play a major role in the global advancement of Linker Coin by collaborating with leading universities and research institutes as an advisor of Linker Coin. Linker Coin’s Co-Founder John Mun said, “Professor Tasca’s market making experience and market making being one of Linker Coin’s strengths will create a synergy effect and is expected to help the future of the Linker Coin Project”.

Amongst ICOs in South Korea, Linker Coin which was uncommonly listed during the ICO period was immediately listed during the crowd sale on EtherDelta. Linker Coin executed the scheduled listing at the end of December as specified in the roadmap and once again proved that it is a viable ICO project. Linker Coin’s Co-Founder Aris Skliros spoke, “The Linker project had the core assignment of making feasible project within a short period of time, however we wanted to increase the faith of the participants by pulling forward Linker Coin’s time of listing as stated in the roadmap”.

Linker Coin that has a positive reputation amongst participants as a transparent and reliable ICO, emphasized their reliability and increased their expectation levels regarding their upcoming projects by listing on EtherDelta. Linker Coin is gaining a lot of attention for running ICOs with transparency and reliability, thinking from the participants’ perspective by openly disclosing the wallet address on EtherScan during the pre-sales and crowd-sale period, Network Marketing (Pyramid Scheme) Reporting Reward System, expanding the burning function of reserve volume and safe deposit (applied to the internal team including the Founder, Advisor, Partner and Team for 1 year from the token distribution date) for participants benefits.

Linker Coin will also be listed on its self-owned exchange CoinX in addition to the EtherDelta Listing. CoinX is a single exchange operated in South Korea by Linker Coin Foundation and in addition to CoinX, Linker Coin Foundation is also establishing the global exchange ‘BitNaru’ around the world. BitNaru, a specialized trading platform for derivative products is aiming to become a network of cryptocurrency trading with the synergy effect by realizing CoinX and the Decentralized Exchange (DEX). To achieve this, Linker Coin is planning to expand the scope of operations by opening additional global cryptocurrency exchange in India, Europe (Estonia) and Japan sequentially from 2018.

CoinX that is operated by Linker Coin Foundation is currently operating as an open beta and is running the open beta service prior to the official open for a set period to meet the participants’ needs and resolve existing problems. A ‘Mock Investment Competition’ is run at the same time with maximum prizemoney of 3000 Linker Coins.

Meanwhile, Linker Coin is running its crowd sale until the 31st of December. Further details can be found on Linker Coin’s webpage.

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