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If you’ve ever shopped for baby products online then you can appreciate just how expensive it is to be a parent. It’s as though adding “baby” to the title of any product doubles the price. That’s because retailers know just how important it is for parents to find very best for their newborn babies.

For years, manufacturers and service providers in the $6 trillion USD parenting market have hid behind a lack of transparency, making it difficult for parents to truly provide exceptional products and programs for their children. Whether it’s gaming the review systems on Alibaba and Amazon, or placing certain kids with connections into the best school systems. The entire marketplace is in desperate need of a more equitable system that parents can trust and blockchain-based FamilyPoints might just have the answer.

FamilyPoints is an entire ecosystem dedicated to helping parents find the companies and products that best meet their family’s needs. Developed by Babystep, the worldwide leader in educational video content for parents, FamilyPoints is a community for parents. Not only will you be able to find and review the best products for your kids, but you’ll also be able to connect with schools, daycares, and other parents. Each interaction within the FamilyPoints ecosystem will reward you with FamilyPoints Tokens (FPT).

Beginning December 10, 2017, FamilyPoints Tokens will be available for purchase during the company’s initial coin offering. Once completed, the new tokens will help fuel the FamilyPoints ecosystem or be available for trade on ERC-20 token exchanges.

The funds raised from the ICO will be used primarily for business development and marketing. In addition to an exciting platform, FamilyPoints has already announced several strategic relationships that will help ensure their success post-ICO.

The company has already received overwhelming support from a variety of experienced partners and professionals in the parenting industry including: Antnez,, Nosh, Greentom, Meinkind, Deppon, Airayi, and UPS.

Shaoming Yang, a former senior manager at Alibaba, recently joined FamilyPoints as the Chief Business Development Officer. Yang shared how the company’s mission hits very close to home:

“My little boy is being raised in Shenzhen. Compare with the kindergarten system in Singapore, I am worried which kindergarten to send him to as most are privately run and there is no proper accreditation in place. A lot of people need connections just to get in a good school. With FamilyPoints, parents can properly review kindergartens and share genuine feedback with fellow parents. If this can solve my problem, it can also help others.”

Many members of the founding team are parents who feel very strongly about FamilyPoints’ mission. But they’re not just concerned parents, FamilyPoints’ founding team boasts more than 40 years of combined experience in e-commerce, maternity, and baby products. Several of the team members come from award-winning industry giants like Houzz, Alibaba, and BabyHaven.

At it’s core, FamilyPoints is using blockchain technology to create a one-stop shop for parenting. Imagine a platform where you can buy everything for your newborn, schedule daycare services, and find a top-rated preschool–this is the vision of FamilyPoints.

When parents use the Family Points Tokens they can receive up to 40% cash-back on any qualifying purchases. But FamilyPoints isn’t just for parents, it’s also useful for any company in the parenting industry. The newly formed parenting ecosystem will help schools and daycare providers find trusted clients. And since the entire platform will be based off of the new FamilyPoints Token it presents an incredible opportunity for investors

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