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Man has always dreamed of reaching beyond himself and achieving beyond his capabilities. That is why people often seek control over others and people collaborate. In the 21st century, advancement in technology and the fast pace of events makes it necessary for people to want to be in separate places at the same time. Company executives often have deputies and assistants who can represent them at meetings and other events. However, not everyone will be able to afford an assistant and the process of acquiring one can be time-consuming.

Ubiatar has used technology to help man achieve one of his oldest dreams: ubiquity. The power to be present in several places at once, while one is not physically there, is what many have desired. With Ubiatar, you can have people you interreact with remotely and you can get them to do what you want, at the click of a button.

The Ubiatar platform works by connecting people who want to make money for representing other people(Avatars) and people who want other people to represent them(Usars). This enables people to overcome physical and economical limitations when they want to see a place or engage in an activity.

To achieve it, a marketplace has been created just like Googleplay on android phones. The only difference is that instead of apps, human presence is what is acquired. The avatars offer their services of representation at a given place, to do a certain thing, for a particular period, and at a particular price. The Usar is looking for the Avatar that matches his purpose. When the Usar selects an avatar that matches his purpose and the Avatar agrees, the Usar takes over and commands the avatar through the Graphic User Interface(GUI) that has been built into the app. Everything the avatar sees, the Usar also sees.

Through technology, Ubiatar is uniting people with complementary purposes. It is providing opportunities for those who can’t do something or visit somewhere because of physical limitations, time or money constraints to achieve their goals and have a similar experience as if they did it themselves. It is also providing those who do not have jobs or just need to make some quick bucks an opportunity to get what they desire by fulfilling the dreams of others.

Ubiatar believes that exploration is freedom and freedom is interaction. Through the Ubiatarplay interface, Usars can do anything or visit anywhere they want as long as there is an avatar willing to do it for them. Imagine yourself living in New York but you want to know how a village in Kenya looks like. You don’t have to go get a Kenyan visa and travel to the country. You can instead get someone in Kenya, who will go see the village for you as your avatar. Everything the avatar sees, the Usar also sees and everything the Avatar does appears like its being done by the Usar. All this is done through an advanced and simple to use telepresence technology that makes both the Usar and the Avatar feel like they are together and interacting in the same space. This removes geographic barriers. People can also brand their avatars as an identity and sell it as a service.

Services on the Ubiatar platform are not paid for with the usual currencies. Exchange of value is done through Ubiatar coins. The differences in currency across the world and limitations of people in getting bank accounts and other financial facilities have necessitated the use of cryptocurrencies to support the exchange of value between peers all over the world. Ubiatar will be open-source so that everybody will be able to use it irrespective of cultural, economic or geographical boundaries.

Ubiatar Inc is a Silicon Valley- based company that developed the base technology, the apps & software and the world-wide cloud-based platform that supports Ubiatarplay. As a young technology company, with a lot ahead of it, Ubiatar is seeking finance in the form of an Initial Coin Offering(ICO). Sourcing for funds through arbitrators and with centralized platform like the stock market is slow and expensive, and at least less efficient. This is why Ubiatar is using the blockchain to gain direct access to capital. Those who want to invest in this awesome technological platform can do so directly without going through the banks. Each amount you invest in the form of cryptocurrency will serve as a token of equity or ownership of the company. With the immense potentials embedded in Ubiatar’s project, investors are assured of a high return in the nearest future.

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