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After 12 years on the market and 3,5M active websites milestone, uKit Group is going to bring blockchain-based artificial intelligence behind any business page on the web. Its new solution is based on uKit website builder that has become widely popular among entrepreneurs in 90 countries.

Here’s what the developers share about their uKit AI project: “Big businesses have learned to boost conversion by personalizing websites with dynamic machine-generated designs and data mining. The studies show that the majority of small businesses would like to use same technologies, but they’re waiting for a ready-to-use tool. Being a part of the SaaS for SMBs market, we are making such a tool available for everyone”.

It’s a fact: people are constantly getting irrelevant marketing messages on websites and entrepreneurs are losing their clients. uKit AI is going to solve this problem for both sides by tailoring business websites to visitors consumer preferences.

The idea is that simple: system will use big data storage to identify audiences and fine-tune the pages to match their tastes. Tracking how visitors react to different versions, it’ll constantly learn to increase the website’s effectiveness and usability. Thus uKit AI users will get an advantage over competitors.

With the goal of raising $10 million, company plans to give out 55,000 UKT tokens, the first batch of which (5000) are available for the pre-sale from December 11, 2017 until January 1, 2018 at

Each UKT token gives its owner 0,001% of the AI system capabilities. He can use it for own website or rent the token out. The tokens will be available for usage, renting and sale after the ICO is over. It also makes it possible to use uKit website builder for free for the unlimited period of time.

Token won’t expire if a person doesn’t use it for website and is expected to grow in demand in the near future. By creating an integrated solution uKit AI will become a headache for a wide range of stand-alone instruments like product recommendation and dynamic content services.

The project’s business model combines two major sources of monetization: these are fee-based usage of AI-personalization technology and subscription fo website builder for non-token holders.

Blockchain component of the project will give website owners additional opportunity to get tokens from uKit AI reserve fund. By supplementing the stats on people’s behavior on websites, they can train AI and receive tokens in exchange. The system will distribute tokens from the reserve in proportion to the share of data added by the specific participant.

In many ways this product is unique for the mass market. You can already check the website builder component of future ecosystem. Now uKit incorporates generative design algorithms and neural networks to its product. Next step is adding knowledge base about internet users preferences and blockchain technology for data sharing purposes, so that everyone could take advantage of the smart website personalization — website visitors, website owners and all of project backers.

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