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düber technologies is proud to announce the launch this month of their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the dübercoin (DBR) token. This blockchain-secured digital currency will improve transparency, security and efficiency for the legal cannabis industry. The value network is built on top of an existing business that provides inventory management and sales support systems. This effort is being led by an experienced executive team, and a 16-person-strong developer group.

In order to incentivize value creation, anyone that participates in the düber ecosystem by making purchases or referrals, writing reviews or adding product info, and watching advertising will be equitably rewarded with a distribution of tokens from düber’s custom payment and rewards engine. Consumers can then use their tokens towards the purchase of goods at any participating retail location on the düber platform. düber believes that if you are creating value for others by putting energy into our ecosystem, then you should be fairly rewarded for your efforts. The DBR token also relieves dispensaries from the burden of operating in an all cash environment.

Finally, utilization of a blockchain-based data management system allows users unprecedented quality of lab-verified data of their products. The end benefit to consumers lies in their ability to be absolutely certain that they are receiving the licensed products they desire. Currently, there are over 700 unique strains of cannabis, each with their own effects and uses. This gets even more complicated by the fact that CBD/THC levels within each strain can vary from crop to crop. By complementing consumer reviews with lab-data and making these available to consumers and budtenders at point of sale, düber will provide the most transparent blockchain based cannabis supply chain in the world.


About düber Technologies Inc.

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, düber Technologies Inc. is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider serving the cannabis industry. düber’s mission is to help small companies compete with large corporations through superior technology. The company currently provides customers with online ordering, self-serve systems, global product search, digital signage and advertising products and has plans to launch several more including retail point of sale and a home delivery engine for retailers. düber operates in state jurisdictions that have legalized both medical and recreational cannabis, and assists with compliance of the laws of these jurisdictions. To learn more about düber Technologies Inc., please visit

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