[icon_timeline timeline_line_style=”solid”][icon_timeline_item time_date=”2017-12-21″]I don’t know who I am going to give credit to for calling my attention to this coin, FoldingCoin (FLDC), because I received dozens of messages recommending me to post it.

This coin has reached bottom and has every single feature that we look for in a winning coin, meaning: Bottomed out, breakout and many bullish (up) signals and ZERO bearish (down) signals.

So with that said… LET’S TRADE!

Buy in: 250 – 340 satoshis

Stop loss (this is most likely unnecessary but..): 215


– FoldingCoin reached bottom and already bounced back.
– After the bounce, huge breakout, confirming a new uptrend.
– All indicators are giving bullish (up) signals.
– These indicators are the MACD , RSI & STOCH .
– MACD shows positive divergence.
– Candles look great.


I am inspired to giving you another trade.
Another opportunity to win in this game.
Another chance, to show how much you’ve grown.
Another chance to wait, and sell at the top.

Trade active @ 285

Namaste[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”Comment: ” time_date=”2017-12-21″]

Comment: FLDC Fibonacci Targets:

(1) 1722
(2) 2685
(3) 3458
(4) 4234
(5) 5339
(6) 6747
(7) 10800 (New ATH)
(8) 17320
(9) 23850

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Comment: P.S. Remember, to all rookies, this trade takes 3 years to develop, if you can’t wait, then don’t trade. Patience is key.

There are only two options when it comes to trading:

1) Sell for profit.
2) Sell for a loss.

Which one will you choose?

I am selling for profit… when the time comes.


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Comment: Remember to buy, rebuy and reload each time the price corrects or go down hard.
This is a market correction, something normal, it happens all the time.

Once the correction is over, this and other coins, including Bitcoin, will bounce back stronger and with much momentum to move up, why?

Because all the weak hands will be gone.

[/icon_timeline_item][icon_timeline_item time_title=”Trade closed: ” time_date=”2017-12-22 “]

Trade active: We are really far away from our stop loss. So, unless our stop loss hits, this trade will remain active.

You can hold patiently until the price starts to recover.

You can buy-in, rebuy and reload every time the price goes down.


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