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21 December 2017: Cryptocurrencies like Money Trade Coin are revolutionizing the way people transact in their daily lives and interact with the global financial system. Crypto experts claim that we are witnessing the start of a cryptocurrency revolution and this will change the financial world as we know it ten years from now. Use of digital currencies like Money Trade Coin is the future of finance and with enough time provided for things to normalise, these cryptocurrencies will forever change the way money is perceived globally.

The exorbitant rise of demand in the cryptocurrency space, especially the Money Trade Coin has proved the capability of the Blockchain Technology. Unlike other traditional assets, the Blockchain Technology has successfully created an asset that has a limited supply and the most secure environment. Initially professed as unconventional but now proven as futuristic, such digital currencies have the potential to challenge the formal economy and change the financial world in many ways. The recently launched Money Trade Coin has been laid on the latest Blockchain Technology that uses the process of autonomous mining, a proven cost-effective and a highly secure technology. The goal of Money Trade Coin is to make people understand the importance of cryptocurrencies and normalise its exchange in day to day life. This ultimately will benefit society in the long run as more and more people start accepting digital currencies in their daily routines. Many foreign governments have already formalised the use of cryptocurrencies and with increased usage of such digital asset, other governments will be required to adopt the technology.

Money Trade Coin unlike other Altcoins (Cryptocurrencies alternative to Bitcoin) is the first of its kind to have a registered exchange in two different countries. It is purely in digital form and there’s no central regulatory body that can regulate the use of Money Trade Coin or its generation. It’s a global currency and its price is purely market driven based on simple economics of demand and supply. With an ICO price of $0.6, it attained the value of $3 on the launching event on 17th Sept. 2017. At the current market price of $15.89, Money Trade Coin has already generated superior returns of over 3000% in such short duration. And that’s just the start, for the forecasters have predicted its value at $2500 by the end of next year.

Money Trade Coin has already been recognised by the investors’ community group as the best option in cryptocurrency space and with an aim to become a leader in the virtual currency world, Money Trade Coin Group has introduced several remarkable features in its currency. It’s the first cryptocurrency to incorporate SWIFT code framework that provides investors with a highly secure environment with ease of transactions. The company has its own wallet facilities and follows the KYC and AML guidelines to prevent illegal transactions and money laundering as being a global currency, it’s freely transferable. It has also launched MT-Coin Virtual card that provides the benefits of cashless online shopping with unmatched speeds and elimination of long ID verifications hassles. This shows that the Money Trade Coin Group has carefully adopted the technology and has taken care of the flaws prevalent in other digital currencies.

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