I am having a dilemma right now. Just like in the info I shared on one of my first educational posts, the cryptocurrency world is full of opportunities, everyday, more opportunities come. Now, can we really reach a point where we say we have too many opportunities? Tell me in the comment section if you want me to post all these great opportunities, or ignore some?! Thanks in advance.

Stratis (STRAT) is in a great position right now. I will do my overview of the indicators right here. You can see in the chart, at the bottom, that MACD just crossed over and a breakout as well, plus positive divergence and a huge green candle; all these are enough signals to make you open a trade, but we have more, check the STOCH , RSI and long term performance of this coin. It has a lot of volume , which isn’t that great, but still plenty of room for growth. Stratis (STRAT) is the #27 biggest altcoin by marketcap.So, let’s trade this coin now.

Note: Please allow this trade to develop, it can take anywhere from 6 months to 11 years to reach the targets.
If you can’t wait, please don’t join this trade.

Buy-in: 0.00068 – 0.00090

Stop-loss (ignore this): 61600

STRAT Targets:

(1) 0.001555
(2) 0.002122
(3) 0.002603
(4) 0.003076
(5) 0.003757
(6) 0.004620
(7) 0.007100
(8) 0.011111
(9) 0.015111

*If you are new to trading, read the instructions below…
*My strategy is one, and one only; BUY LOW, SELL HIGH.

How to trade:

1) Buy.
2) Wait.
3) Sell at the target price for profit.
* That’s all.


1) If the price goes down; nothing happens.
2) If you see a red candle, nothing happens.
3) The trade is always active, unless we hit the stop-loss price.

* That’s all.

Facts about day trading:

1) Day trading is a type of job/work.
2) The only reason you would be doing this is to make money.
3) If you are not here to make money, then most likely you chose the wrong market, the wrong place.
4) There are millions of traders here, they’ve come to trade. This is just like the stock market but for the common people. No limitations, no big names, you can just be you and trade.
5) So now, with that said… LET’S TRADE.

Oh, and by the way, remember, YOU DESERVE THE BEST!!!

Trade active @ 0.00075340


Is life really hard? I don’t think so, here is why!
If you ever had a bad moment, that moment helped you grow in some way.
If you can’t see it now, it is because you still need to understand.

Accepting whatever is happening, or happened to you in the past.
Will open the door for greatness, and allow you to move on the right path.

Enjoy! Namaste.

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