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The ICO pre-sale is now open for the platform that will create a new value economy to reimagine the digital experience

  • Dubtoken is a new digital token designed to monetize video content using the Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP), together reimagining the digital experience ecosystem
  • Content creators will be better rewarded, and audiences will experience more personalized and informative viewing experiences, resulting in higher engagement and ROI for publishers outside of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Invalid bot traffic and ad fraud will be countered significantly by introducing a unique human proof score leveraging blockchain technologies
  • Interactive smart objects and functions using digital layers will sit on top of streaming content, enabling personalization of digital experiences in real time, powered by artificial intelligence

Toronto, Ontario – IVEP Association, in collaboration with mobile video creation platform dubdub, announces its initial coin offering (ICO) for dubtokens. This new multipurpose value and utility token is the central piece in a new blockchain-based and decentralized protocol that will transform the monetization of billions of hours of video content as well as elevate the streaming experience. The Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) creates better engagement, counters invalid bot traffic and ad fraud in order to properly reward content creators and raise ROI for publishers.

“The advertising industry is currently plagued with problems that undermine the experience for creators, publishers, advertisers and users. The current ecosystem is making real and fake audiences increasingly hard to separate, devaluing attention-based metrics. Engagement is now the only KPI that matters as this is what drives outcomes,” said Hillary Carter, director of faculty at the Blockchain Research Institute.

Interactivity as the new standard

IVEP seeks to shift video content away from a deficient “attention” based model to a two-way real-time marketing model. It represents a more effective KPI for brands and online retailers, measuring real intent, engagement and lead conversion. This rebalances the online advertising model in favor of the user. It also empowers publishers to tell better and more captivating stories to their target customers with a vast catalogue of programmable smart objects and functions, available from a decentralized application store.

“The opportunity is two-fold. First, it introduces a new industry flow, leveraging blockchain technology to capture real human engagement metrics in an immutable and indisputable format for publishers and advertisers. Furthermore, it allows for the transformation of previously “static” video experiences into dynamic ones. Adding programmable and customizable digital interactive layers on top of any streamable content will significantly improve user experiences and audience retention,” said Fred Dionne, founder and CEO of IVEP.

Dubtoken, dApp store and Trust Score

The IVEP layer and the dubtoken economy will run on top of the distributed computing platform Ethereum.  

The addition of smart objects and functions and the protocol’s digital assets will be registered on-chain. IVEP will incentivize the creation of interactive features and services in a decentralized app (dApp) store to be used with the protocol.

Each registered IVEP participant will be assigned a unique trust score, alongside a Human Proof Score for the audience of any IVEP enabled content. These scores will be calculated based on engagement, behavioral and quality metrics, including the amount of value a participant brings to the protocol and its members.

“IVEP leverages the best Blockchain has to offer because it’s built with all participants in mind, and brings value to all of them enabling new business models to emerge from the dubtoken economy,” Manie Eagar, chairman of the Blockchain Association of Canada added.

Shared.com partnership

The IVEP Association is joining forces with online publisher Shared in a partnership that will see the popular content hub pilot the use of the Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) and dubtoken ecosystem to transform both its streaming video experience and content monetization.

Operating in the digital content industry, Shared has quickly become a leader in online audience building and engagement. Specializing in video and animation content specifically optimized for social media, Shared is ideally suited to trial the powerful real-time capabilities of IVEP.

“Continuously evolving and testing new trends and technologies is a big part of who we are as a company,” said Trevor Young, chief technology officer at Shared. “When it comes to creating original video content, both companies are driven by a desire to enrich the user experience, making this partnership a natural fit.”

dubtoken ICO pre-sale

The pre-sale is now open to qualified investors. The pre-sale is a forward investment contract granting qualified investors the right to receive dubtokens on the protocol launch in Q1 2018. Dubtokens empower a new multipurpose value and utility token economy running on top of the distributed computing platform Ethereum.

For more information, please visit www.dubtokens.com or read the whitepaper at www.dubtokens.com/whitepaper. Join our public Telegram channel using http://bit.ly/dubtokensofficial.

About IVEP Association

The IVEP Association is a non-profit organization that promotes video and interactive experience technologies for the decentralized web through a fair, trustworthy and transparent copyright framework for content creators and distributors. For more information, please visit www.dubtokens.com

Media Contact: Tom Fry at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 208 819 3170.

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