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What might be the best gift for a kitten? Most probably a tiny glorious fish will meet expectations. But what if that kitten is in fact a crypto token that lives in Ethereum blockchain? Than a crypto fish should be invented.

Meet the new game on smart contracts called Fishbank — that is classic PvP (player-versus-player) to grow the predatory fish that hunt opponents gaining their weight. Built in the setting of “deep blue distributed ocean” it has the major aim to nurture the largest fish to dominate the others.

Every fish is a digital crypto asset owned 100% by player that is immutable and transferrable like any other cryptocurrency. One can collect, enhance and trade these digitals assets easily using graphic interface of Fishbank website and MetaMask wallet.

Such an approach was first introduced in CryptoKitties digital collectibles project that became the most popular smart contracts dApp and resulted in congestion of whole Ethereum network for a couple of weeks.

According to Fishbank Whitepaper there would be slightly more aggressive kind of gameplay and predefined rarity of digital assets. Fish can be acquired by one of these ways:

  1. being bought on the Market from other players,
  2. random fish may be caught in the Aquarium,
  3. common fish is rewarded for referring a friend.

There is an opportunity to sign up for the project Alpha tests now in order to reserve certain type of fish token before the game launches – there is a wide selection of predators ranged by rarity: Common, Rare, Legendary and Epic.  That way developers plan to establish initial community and rocketstart the project.

Fishbank also decided to conduct what can be generally referred to as “hardfork effect” in blockchain ecosystems — a single rare fish token will be given for every owner of Gen 0 CryptoKittie as of 1th January 2018. Everyone who already has a Kitten and will keep it to this date will receive a nice new year gift for it.

Chatrobotic studio backing Fishbank specializes on gamification of extraordinary environments and is popular by its 3 chatbot game titles running on the messengers platforms (Telegram, Kik, Facebook). With more than half a million players on board these games has 2.5 million messages on peak days with overall amount of requests served reaching almost 1 billion.

Fighting between two crypto tokens on smart contracts — isn’t it what blockchain was originally intended for? It’s quite obvious that an army of CryptoKitties clones will evolve on the market next year and it will be a good challenge for Ethereum network to survive under the crypto animals invasion.

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