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KORE found bottom in the low 21500 satoshis.
This support was then tested and re-tested for several days.
And then KORE broke out, giving us our next opportunity trade.Buy-in: 27000 – 37000Stop-loss: 23699Notes:

* As I said in the introduction, KORE found bottom.
* I remember this coin having strong movements when it was being actively traded a few months back. I remember lots of resilience, so entering at the bottom, can be a very profitable opportunity. I also remember, it going up when Bitcoin -17.92% was going down.
* All Time High @ 0.00195

Bullish indicators:

– EMA30 Above current price.
– Small breakout promotes upward momentum.
– Weekly chart shows a positive week ahead.
– MACD just crossed over. Plus positive divergence (which points to the coin having a strong breakout soon).
– RSI moving into the bullish zone.
– STOCH trending upward.


Take this trade, like any other trade.

You join knowing that you will win, big.
You join knowing, that you will do what you need.
You will participate, knowing, that everything will be ok.

At the end of the day, you will come ahead.
At the end of the night, everything will be fine.

At the end of the week, you will know it was me.
That inspired you to be, the best you can be.


Trade active @ 0.00031047

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(*) 0.00041000 (first major resistance)
(1) 0.00062000
(2) 0.00087800
(3) 0.00108480
(4) 0.00128920
(5) 0.00158100
(6) 194300
(7) 302400 (new ATH)

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After sharing this idea, KORE grew by a large 50%+ and is now sitting at 35%+. Listen, this is just the beginning, we are now in our new “support” level and from here we grow.

The uptrend is just starting:


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You have only 1 job. Buy and wait.

If the price reaches stop loss level, you sell, if not you hold.
If you can’t hold, don’t trade. Sorry, that’s how it works.

This trade is active and miles away from the stop loss.
It is also within buy-in range, so feel free to rebuy/reload.

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This trade is active unless we hit our stop loss. So we hold until the next move comes.


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