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When it comes to lending ICO, it is apparent that everyone has experienced many controversial and unexpected issues. Firstly, Bitconnect is a successful story of ICOs with a lending platforms, with the token’s price has just passed 400$ this week. This crypto-legend came out with the idea to pay to the lender daily and monthly with so much higher interests compared to traditional banking interests, back then when it was around 0.17$, everyone said it was a huge SCAM.

Bitconnect is surely more deserved to be invested in than other DnP cryptos. The spearhead – policies were so fantastic, they sold only 17% to contributors and pay very reasonable, the interests ranging was more than perfect: 25-40%. Time to time, commoners said it would die soon until when those “smart” people realized the “Bitconnect Train” started to leave, obviously it was late for a long-term investment.

LuxuryCoin has became the verified crypto currency from Singapore

After a whole year of crypto-booming following the skyrocketing value of Bitcoin, we now have witnessed Regalcoin, FirstCoin, Hextracoin and many SCAM lending ICOs came out. LuxuryCoin now appeared to be one of the most possible rivals of Hextracoin and Bitconnect. The whole plan is revolutionary and innovative, they smartly ignited with the idea to sell only 13% of the total supply, pay medium interests and quiet outstanding referral bonuses. The unique idea is to build a good community for LuxuryCoin Network and also to make people acknowledge the responsibility to build their own affiliate network. Each month, there will also be 10 rewards for top 10 referrers, the winners will be delivered up to 66.000 USD in cash.

LuxuryCoin token distribution volume

The ICO will start on December 23rd. Let’s consider this train before is it too late.

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