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Distributed Gallery is the first art gallery specializing in blockchain-based artwork exhibitions. For its inauguration we announce the exhibition and auction of Richard Prince’s new project: The Ready Made Token.

The Ready Made Token (RMT) is a blockchain-based token whose primary characteristic is that only one unit will ever be emitted. For Richard Prince, the RMT is a cryptographic occasion to question the nature of money, the beliefs it relies upon, and its often ambiguous relation to the art market.

The rarest token in history

Blockchain technologies are a new field to explore for artists. In the RMT, Richard Prince creates the rarest token ever seen on blockchain technologies. By only ever releasing a single unit, this new artwork investigates the ability of blockchain technologies to create digital scarcity.

The mode of this project is to experiment with blockchain technologies by altering the very status of crypto-currencies: from a medium of exchange to an exclusive artwork.

By creating the RMT, Richard Prince confirms that the avant-garde is not bound to its past. The avant-garde is something that repeats, again and again, through historical periods. RMT opens itself to that eternal repetition, showing in the process that the blockchain ecosystem is not immune to this gesture. Richard Prince makes manifest the hundred year-old gesture of Marcel Duchamp, showing the avant-garde’s  crossing power throughout history.

Richard Prince will discuss the Ready Made Token during the Rare Digital Art Festival on January 13th, 2018, with Mack Flavelle of the extremely successful Cryptokitties and Matt Hall of Cryptopunks:

Exhibition & Auction

The auction was designed and audited by professional engineers and blockchain specialists. All the source code is visible.

The auction countdown begins with the first bet and ends one month later, or when the 5000 ETH cap is reached.

Exhibition and auction are now available on our dedicated website:

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