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The cryptocurrency market is becoming one of the truly open markets, where people can trade crypto-assets or crypto-currencies freely, without the help of any third parties or centralized exchanges, creating a totally autonomous financial marketplace never before seen in the history of commerce.

Internet bots are being created to run code to allow people to exchange the items they wish to obtain, along with the help of smart contracts (contracts that are created to deploy certain actions – if the action agreed between parties is successfully completed, the contract will automatically execute without the need of any further human intervention). The need for “trust” is no longer in the equation, now that machines can deliver what was agreed upon in the first place, and a person no longer can take advantage of certain situations.

This new revolution in commerce and trading is bringing a wave of new and young investors, many of whom have realized huge gains through crypto-assets and cryptocurrencies. The continued success of cryptocurrency trading has led to a new movement being created: the ICO (initial coin offering) market.

ICO’s have been the new boom in financial trading, with reports of investors making 40 or more times their investment. This has been true in some cases, but these types of events only arise from rare, temporary windows of opportunity. The opportunity for such huge profits has unfortunately led to many people investing their life savings in the uncertain future of some XYZ coins, only to be disappointed. The ICO market is a place where any person or business can freely create its own “coin” or “token” to push ideas or products. Early investors that are lucky enough to get into the juicy ones that yield more than 1000%+ returns whet the appetite of many new investors hungry to also get those types of returns. But the sad truth is that many of these ICO’s turn out to be just a Ponzi scheme, quickly raising money and then, thanks to the anonymity of the blockchain, just vanishing into the thin web, taking with them massive amounts of money from uninformed investors.

Because of these events, more and more distrust has grown in the crypto market, along with increasing use of the word “bubble” around bitcoin and other players in the market. Skepticism is high regarding new ICOs.

The technology and uses for bitcoin have not reached their climax yet, and it is difficult to draw clear conclusions about whether bitcoin investing is a bubble or bitcoin is just gaining massive acceptance that is creating this accelerated growth. For many conservative investors, bitcoin is viewed as something empty without any intrinsic value, only driven by speculative assumptions. Whatever your opinion is in regard to this matter, there is a solution that just came to life: the Reales coin.

What is this Reales coin?

Reales coin is a crypto-coin that is backed by physical gold and silver, along with a basket of cryptocurrencies that contains bitcoin and other major bigger players in the crypto market. The Reales coin is designed to offer a midpoint where both conservative and aggressive new investors can meet in a point of agreement. The Reales coin, because of its solid structure based on precious metals, has an intrinsic value. Throughout history, it has been shown time and time again that precious metals are real, stable commodities when it comes to storing your wealth.

The Reales coin is a really interesting project because it comes into a very competitive market not as a competitor but instead as an ally, joining forces of growth with other cryptos and benefiting all who hold it. This coin is the first of its kind, which makes it an especially valuable asset to have in your portfolio, because by holding it you position yourself in the market with a solid variety of assets, protecting your wealth in the best possible manner.

To many financial analysts and economists, the word cryptocurrency just hurts their ears – many of them can’t really understand the concept behind bitcoin and other alt-coins.

With all of the above information in mind, we can now talk about the Reales coin. We can call Reales coin a currency, but its real value resides in the fact that is a more powerful store of value than the average cryptocurrency. Thanks to its unique structure, the Reales coin enables its holders to both protect their wealth and also to take advantage of the huge growth occurring in the cryptocurrency market.

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