Bancor (BNT) has hit bottom, a very solid bottom for what it looks to be a very strong coin and has started a new uptrend.

Trade instructions

Buy-in: 0.00027 – 0.00036

Stop-loss: 0.00022799

Bancor (BNT) Targets:

(1) 0.00049 * Target Reached on 3-Jan-18 *
(2) 0.00056 * Target Reached on 8-Jan-18 *
(3) 0.00063 * Target Reached on 9-Jan-18*
(4) 0.00072 * Target Reached on 10-Jan-18*
(5) 0.00085
(6) 0.00123
(7) 0.00171
(8) 0.00232


  • Bancor hit bottom and started a very strong uptrend.
  • Only ~550 BTC volume , which allows for plenty of room for growth.
  • Breakout and new Uptrend already confirmed.
  • MACD , RSI & STOCH all looking really good on the daily chart.
  • TD Sequential also shows huge potential on the Daily chart.
  • The weekly chart looks really promising. It started today (Monday).


  • Allow this coin time to develop. This is a LONG trade.
  • ATH 0.00143199
  • #94 in the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap; at the time of this posting.
  • Allow short term decline.


Today is a new day, for all of us.
Today is a new day, to trade, for more.

Today I want to thank you, for coming here to trade.
Today you have have the advantage, of getting this info first.

I just want to say thank you, again.


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