This is my first “Selling the Targets” strategy, and you will understand soon why this is the first one.

Profits without risk. Sounds good to me, how does it sound for you?

You might know me from Trading View, my username there is @alanmasters. As you can see from my profile, I’ve been in many, many trades and more are coming all the time. If there is something that you can easily notice from these trades, is that prices fluctuate all the time. These markets are unpredictable, these markets are fast. So one minute we are buying and selling for a profit and building our coins, the next minute there is a “crash” and we are on hold for a few days. So, for beginners, the best strategy, to reduce stress, remain patience and stay relaxed & calmed, is profit without risk.

How can you achieve this? Just follow me.

So here is a strategy about selling the targets that can ignore any specific target point. So here is your strategy step by step:

  1. Let’s say I publish this new trade idea and you like it, so you buy in. You don’t have to buy in into all of my trade ideas. They will be too many, there are many opportunities here, and there will always be more, so you pick one that you like for whatever reason and you HOLD. Patiently, relaxed… CALMED.
  2. Now the price starts to climb, it only took 7 days (1 week) which is pretty fast. That’s great. So let’s say that after this initial waiting period, the price reaches 100% of the original buy in recommendation. So say I recommended to join at 0.00033 and you bought 1000 coins. Now the price is 0.00066, which is a 100% increase. This is where you set your strategy in motion.
  3. Now, out of your 1000 coins, you sell half, which is 500 coins and you will receive back exactly the same amount of money you spent in the first place. You will be receiving 100% of your coin purchase, yet, you will still have 500 coins. So now your risk is 0%, and your potential earnings goes on.
  4. At this point you can aim for the second target, third target and more. Any target you like. You can sell at any point you want. You can anything, free of stress, completely calmed and relaxed, why? You ask, because you are now trading risk free. You got your initial purchase out and the rest is just profits. PROFITS WITHOUT RISK.


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