Now let’s look at the targets. Specifically, “Selling the Targets”.

In my main and most important article for all members, specially beginners, titled “Alan Masters Cryptocurrency Trading – The Basics: Buy-in, Stop-loss & Targets”, I described how you can approach the targets that you will be seeing in my coin analysis / trade ideas. The targets are the most important part, as this is where we make our profit. Since we are trading to make money, then profit is a big deal. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about it.

Now, in my introduction article, I told you about selling everything at the first target and finally becoming a successful trader. This first target can offer huge gains, 20%, 30%, 50% and sometimes even 100%. Wow, that is really huge. Yes. But wait, with cryptocurrencies opportunities are endless and even more can be earned if you have the right guidance; if you posses the right knowledge; if you follow the right strategy.

So I will now share with you several different strategies for “Selling the Targets”. These strategies will help you maximize your earnings and reduce your risks. It will also make your initial wait better since you will now know that each time a coin “takes off”, meaning that the price starts to climb, you can earn way more than the potential earnings named on the first target alone. So, let’s look at these strategy. Now, let’s learn:

  • Selling the Targets (Part 1) – Profits without Risk.
  • Selling the Targets (Part 2) – Little by Little.
  • Selling the Targets (Part 3) – Hold for Long.
  • Selling the Targets (Part 4) – Sell the Target, Rebuy Lower (Advanced).
  • Selling the Targets (Part 5) – I Own this Coin.

You can just click on any of the links above and you will be redirected to the article with the strategy.

This article will be updated as new strategies are posted. (For now, I am in the process of writing the first).

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