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Today many projects use the mechanism of primary sale of tokens to raise funds for development of their ideas. But often, in addition to the idea, website and whitepaper, the project has nothing behind itself. Today, given the presence of many different tokensales, it is so difficult to choose something real, not just an idea, but a project of an existing company with a finished product, which will soon be released to the market. The project of the mobile financial assistant Bloomzed not only meets these requirements, but also provides interesting, not comparable with other crowdsales, terms of sale of their tokens.

Main about Bloomzed and its product

Bloomzed is a mobile wallet, which is a universal payment solution, because it works with all existing financial instruments and provides to its users the maximum functionality from all similar services in the world market. The project has the main product – it’s own mobile application for the smartphone, which is an electronic wallet for payment of services, money transfer, linking of various payment and other cards, and for many other additional services. With the Bloomzed mobile wallet you can not only make electronic payments, but also produce comprehensive management of personal funds. For users also will be available a web-version of the service, which will contain similar functionality as the application. All this makes Bloomzed a convenient and reliable assistant for everyday payment transactions.

The ecosystem of Bloomzed opens unlimited opportunities for businesses and individuals through a high-tech software solution with an open API that allows easy connection of any technological solution. The uniqueness of the Bloomzed service lies in the fact that it will provide users with a huge number of useful and necessary functions within a single platform, while similar projects provide the simultaneous presence of only some of them. So, the users will be able to link cards (including bonus and discount cards) to the mobile wallet for payment without a card, to use the wallet for electronic money and cryptocurrency, to use Bloomzed own money transfer system and a virtual center for exchanging various currencies, to get loans from banking and credit organizations, to multiply their savings through the section “Investments”, as well as to manage all cash flows with the help of a personal accountant, and many other financial services. In addition, within the application it will be possible to purchase insurance products, tickets and travel services, as well as it will contain its own loyalty program. At the same time, such multifunctionality will not overload the interface of the Bloomzed application, since the user will be able to customize the main menu, because it will be possible to delete not relevant service and add the necessary one.

About the development and readiness of the Bloomzed service

The creators of Bloomzed has been developing the project, systems and technologies included in this service, for more than 4 years. The key work on the assembly and testing of the main ecosystem of the Bloomzed project was completed in 2017. At the moment the Bloomzed software environment is fully completed, the beta version is being tested and the commercial operation platform is starting. Currently, test and integration work is carried out with partner organizations (banks, agents, international transfer systems, merchants, payment systems) in Russia and Kazakhstan. The test launch of the Bloomzed project is scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.

Bloomzed Crypto Club is a closed club for BZT token owners

It is a closed club for users of the Bloomzed system – people who are interested in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology. The participants of the club get privileged conditions for using cryptocurrencies, bonuses and unique opportunities provided both by the Bloomzed company and by the partners of the service. In order to become a member of the club, you must have a membership token BZT (Bloomzed Token).

Bloomzed Token (BZT) – the membership token of Bloomzed Crypto Club

This token is the entrance “ticket” to the closed club Bloomzed Crypto Club. By purchasing or receiving a BZT token, its owner becomes a member of the specified club, getting all the relevant bonuses and benefits, the amaount of which is determined by the number of BZT of each particular owner of the token. BZT payment is a membership fee to join the club and it is not refundable. Any member of Bloomzed Crypto Club may leave the club at his own free will at any time by selling his membership BZT tokens to other participants through the exchange.

Token Generation Event (TGE) – the primary sale of BZT tokens

This is the name of the primary sale of membership tokens BZT, required to participate in the Bloomzed Crypto Club, which is carried out in two rounds. Within the first round, which runs from December 19 to December 26, 2017, that is right now, 5 000 000 BZT tokens are available for sale, which can be purchased at this time with a maximum bonus of 50%. The second round of TGE will be held from January 17 to February 17, 2018, during which it is planned to sell 45 000 000 BZT tokens. Bonuses will also be provided to buyers during the first week of the second round, but in a much smaller size. After the first week of the second round, bonuses will be accrued only when you purchase over 3000 tokens. A token purchase is carried out at a fixed price during the both rounds of GTE, which is 1 BZT = 0,002 ETH. The minimum amount of purchased tokens for the entrance to the club is 250 BZT = 0.5 ETH. Ethereum and Bitcoin are accepted for payment, as well as Visa and MasterCard.

More details about the project itself, about the possibilities of a financial assistant for individuals and businesses, about ongoing TGE and BZT tokens you can find on the official website of the project, on Bloomzed pages in all popular social networks, and also in Whitepaper.

Join a large-scale project Bloomzed right now, becoming a member of Bloomzed Crypto Club on the most favorable terms!

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