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The man who saved Litecoin with Segregated Witness will soon be using Litecoin, now the fastest growing cryptocurrency, to save the Internet.

Source: VNS

On April 21, PZ, a core community member, persuaded Litecoin miners to support Segregated Witness, a protocol originally developed to scale bitcoin.

SegWit advocates faced resistance initially from Litecoin’s sponsors, miners and mining pools. PZ persuaded everyone to support SegWit, and went on to activate SegWit on the bitcoin blockchain as well.

A rebuilt DNS needed

PZ now turns his attention to the Internet, which is in serious need of upgrades.

China’s top root DNS failed on Jan. 21, 2014, impacting most of China’s websites.

Since current DNS resolution requests have to be resolved through the DNS servers, they are subject to middleman attacks. DNS requests sent by users can be intercepted by an attacker, who will disguise as a DNS server, return fake domain name information and redirect to another fake site without changing the user URL address.

In addition to privacy and security issues, the Internet, which is controlled by a small number of individuals, cannot meet the needs of decentralized website domain name resolution.

PZ and those who believe in a new, distributed Internet architecture are launching the Alan Mathison Turing (AMT) community in China, a community that believes the Internet should benefit all of mankind.

The community’s first goal is to build a layered consensus network based on the blockchain, a project called Venus. In this new decentralized Internet,information flow is value flow.

A variety of computing resources have emerged across the global network that can run millions of decentralized applications and services. Decentralized artificial intelligence now makes it possible for nodes all over the world to select a massive variety of high-value information for users.

The purpose of AMT is to shorten the path to the development of this promising future of readily accessible applications and services.

The first phase of the AMT community is Venus, a layered consensus network to form a decentralized Internet powered by information flow. Following Venus, AMT will introduce a variety of computing resources over the global network, providing a variety of decentralized applications and services.

The VNS name service will use the design framework of the main chain-side chain and will exist as a side chain of the VNSCoin main chain. As a side chain, the VNS name service does not generate new tokens, but deploys a two-way exchange binding with the VNSCoin main chain token system.

The main chain system will generate a corresponding number of VNS tokens on the name service side chain by locking VNS tokens, and unlock the tokens locked by the VNSCoin main chain, thus achieving two-way token exchange.

The VNS name service eliminates the possibility of risks such as privacy leaks, content censorship, DDOS attacks and middleman attacks. The node of each user that runs the VNS name service independently can resolve DNS from a local computer. Resolving DNS requests locally also saves the time needed for network packets to transfer on the network.

The VNS decentralized website system will use the VNS address instead of the IP address for site index addressing. Using a distributed hash table to establish the site address index sidesteps the problem of IP address shortage.

The VNS decentralized website system will provide a full set of web server functions and an embedded database for user site development. Users will access the site content from their existing browsers.

The main chain uses a private key/public key system.

LTC giveaway planned

VNS will air drop 40% of its cryptocurrency supply to the community, beginning 24:00 UTC on Dec. 31, 2017. The balance of tokens will be distributed to miners and users in the future.

                                                            Source: VNS

PZ is looking for individuals to join the effort to rebuild the Internet, and is offering LTC as a token of thanks for those willing to publicly support VNS. For more information, visit or

For more Information, visit the VNS website at; mailbox: [email protected]; Twitter:; Facebook:; Weibo:; QQ group: 603560992;QQ secretary:3249849251; Wechat secretary: AMT_Community; E-mail: [email protected]

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