CapriCoin (CPC). Another opportunity has come.

I already gave you plenty of details on our last trade, SPR, so let’s get straight to the point here… But, not so fast. I know the potential is huge, but it is still there. We are happy with just 100 to 300%. So, take it for what it is, a potential and let’s trade.

CapriCoin (CPC)


– Last time CapriCoin (CPC) saw some real action it was January of 2016. WOW. Never seen a coin with no action for so long. Now it bounced from the bottom (0.00001500) and showing a very strong uptrend. Sitting around (0.00005600) at the time of this writing.

– We have a very strong indicator here, one that can’t be missed and never fails; MACD Positive divergence, look it up.

– Plus, we can see a reversal (upwards) and cross over on the 1 week chart for MACD, RSI & STOCH indicators.

– Last week chart closed on a full green candle, pointing us to more green movement this week. So, LET’S TRADE.



– Last all time high was 0.00949947, but this was a long time ago. So let’s keep it a bit conservative this time. Let’s say we aim only at reaching one third of that, so we are aiming, maybe, to around 0.00313312 (more or less).

– Trade active @ 0.00005600.



Buy-in: 0.00005200 – 0.00007200

Stop-loss: 0.00003455
(11-Jan) New Stop-loss: 0.00007020


CapriCoin (CPC) Targets:

(1) 0.0000838 * Target reached *
(2) 0.0001311 * Target reached on 26-Dec-17 @ 1298 *
(3) 0.0001712 * Target reached on 13-Jan-18 *
(4) 0.0002114 * Next Target *
(5) 0.0002662
(6) 0.0003358
(7) 0.0005428

Note: These Fibonacci targets are really, really far away. So feel free to use my “Profits without Risk” strategy to wait for the time to sell the targets.


Message to you:

This is a very interesting trade to me. It will be nice to see how this develops.
Joining a coin that hasn’t seen any upward action in almost two years is really something.
In cryptocurrencies, as I always say, two years can be really a lot, that’s like 1,477 years (joking/more or less).
But let’s be serious, just a few days in cryptocurrencies is like several months at the stock market.
So this will definitely be an interesting trade.

So stay tuned and lock your spot.
Be patient and soon we will see what’s what.

Again, we are joining at the bottom, so it is a very safe trade.

I have one strategy and strategy only, which is simple and strong.

No matter what coin you are joining, YOU SELL HIGH AND BUY LOW.

Buy low and sell high. That’s all you need in this game.
Once you learn how to wait, that is all that it will take.


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