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What is Globcoin About?

Globcoin is a Switzerland based Group that will allow its customers to create customised currency baskets on their platform. The company wants to provide a system that will enable anyone to make buys and transactions with fiat and digital currencies in a fast, safe and cost-effective way.

The platform’s first currency basket will consist of 15 of the world’s most important currencies and 5% Gold. It will bring a unique exposure to the world economy thereby being even more stable and secure than the swiss franc! Each currency basket will provide investors with an appropriate method through which it can adress broad investment themes.

Although the company has been marketing these baskets for 5 years, this management service was offered only to elite clients such as family officers and institutional investors.

Globcoin’s platform uses Ethereum’s blockchain technology along with a complex group structure that has the purpose of providing the best solutions and management:

  • Reserve Currency Solutions (RCS SA) – based in Zug, Switzerland, it was established with the purpose of creating and improving managed currency products such as Global Reserve Currency. RCS has some pieces of IP related to multi-currency index management.It has been listed in the “2017 top 10 Fintech companies” in Switzerland.
  • OptimInvest – is a Geneva-based currency manager and a regulated member of the OARG (Organisme d’Autorégulation des Gérants de Patrimoine). It deals with providing advisory mandates for large clients.
  • GLOBCOIN Ltd., – is a London-based company which markets multi-currency e-wallets linked to credit cards that let the owner of the card have interbank rate access to currency markets and free peer-to-peer transactions in most of the world’s currencies.

By using RCS’ Dual Token implementations, Globcoin has developed two Ether tokens:

  • GCP is a Utility Token that was created to support transactions on the platform and receive fees that cover the costs of the service.
  • GLX is a token that functions as a store of value and a medium of exchange, and it is linked to 15 of the most important fiat currencies in the world and gold. It is backed up 100% and at a ratio of 1 x 1. GCP tokens are needed when you want to issue and exchange GLX for fiat currency.

The Globcoin team

The Globcoin team is made of big names from the financial, management and banking industry along with team members that have a long list of impressive achievements, from numerous ventures and projects, to scientific papers and top school degrees. All of these professional and experienced members have recognized the advantages and possibilities of blockchain technologies and decided to develop the innovative currency management system that is Globcoin.

Details on the Token Sale

Globcoin plans to use the funds that will be obtained through the selling of its GCP Utility Token to develop its current platform. The resources will go to various sectors of the Globcoin system, such as infrastructure, currency portfolio management tools, marketing and PR, creation of new products, legal support etc.

The official date for the Token Sale is January 13th. The GLX token will not be the subject of this sale.

  • Token name – GCP;
  • GCP created per 1 Ether – 100;
  • Minimum Ether to be collected (participants can claim a refund if this floor is not reached)-5,000;
  • Maximum Ether (the token sales ends if this cap is reached)- 150,000;
  • Maximum Ether (the pre-sale ends if this cap is reached)- 30,000;
  • Maximum number of tokens generated to crowdsale participants- 15 850 000 to 37.8%;
  • Maximum number of tokens generated to pre-sale participants- 5 100 000 to 12.2%;
  • Maximum number of tokens generated for future business development, and market expansion- 12 570 000 to 30%;
  • Maximum number of tokens generated to team, adviser and early backers- 8 380 000 to 20%;
  • Maximum number of GCP generated- 41 900 000 to 100%

Globcoin is a serious new project that will provide a viable solution to those that seek some stability in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Upcoming events:

  • London Blockchain Week on January 18 -19th;
  • 6th North American Bitcoin Conference on January 18 -19th in Miami;
  • Crypto Finance Conference on January 17-19th in St. Moritz, Switzerland;
  • DC Blockchain Summit on march 6-8th in Washington.

Contact Globcoin at the following addresses:






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