Before we get started, let me repeat this because it can create confusion. The 1500%+ Earnings Potential in the title, is a potential. This is not set in stone and this is not a guarantee, but instead this potential is based on this coins past performance, we have the chance to earn this much if this coin performs just as well this time as it did in its last run.

Also, don’t go thinking that I am “pumping” this coin, because it had a great run just few months ago and I wasn’t doing any analysis back then. I just happen to look for coins that are about to take off. I get messages from friends, and unknown people, telling me to look at the charts and when I do, boom, there it is, another opportunity, another amazing trade has come. Please, enjoy!

Now SpreadCoin (SPR) reached its all time high 4 months ago @ 0.00082500. Four months ago is a looot of time in cryptos, and the money available now, the market cap., is a lot higher than what it was before. So, this makes it easier for the all time high to be broken.

So far, our other trades have broken this ATH without problem. Some do, others don’t. That doesn’t really matter, that’s the potential and another opportunity has come.

For me, personally, 100%-200% profit is more than ok. But if the coin wants to give us more, like all of our other past trades, then we accept. And we are grateful for all the earnings that we can get. Let’s start. Now, LET’S TRADE.


  • Buy-in: 0.00003800 – 0.00004900
  • Stop-loss: 0.00003131
  • Targets:(1) 0.000225 * Target Reached on 9-Jan-18 *
    (2) 0.000428 * Next target *
    (3) 0.000519
    (4) 0.000648
    (5) 0.000825
    (6) 0.001278 New All Time High*

Note: These Fibonacci targets are really, really far away. So feel free to use my “Profits without Risk” strategy to wait for the time to sell the targets.


  • This coin is already on a very strong uptrend, so we are already moving. This uptrend can be verified on all time-frames. This is the signal that I use to make our stop-loss useless, which is a great thing, because that means are expectation are upward movement.
  • On the daily chart we might have a small break, meaning, slow take off, or maybe not, but the TD Sequential is already exhausted, that’s ok.
  • The weekly chart analysis looks way better, with a very strong #1 green candle and a #2 just starting.
  • Again, the weekly chart is where the action is, so give this a “week” for it to take off. MACD, RSI & STOCH allow for massive growth on the weekly chart. On the daily chart, which is a shorter time-frame, it is exhausted. What this means is that the coin “can” (emphasis on “can”) relax for a few days and then take off when the weekly chart indicators tells us that they are ready to move.
  • The EMA30 is 4x the actual price on the weekly chart, that’s astonishingly bullish.
  • Low volume, around 50 BTC on Bittrex, allows for massive growth, just as the charts shows.
  • These indicators are enough to tell that this is a very profitable, safe & secure, low risk, high profit trade.


  • All Time High @0.00082500.
  • First major resistance should be 0.000092.
  • Trade active @ 0.00004450.

My message you:

I am as happy today as I can always be.
I am happy today, because I get to work on something that benefits you, but also benefits me.
You are happy today, because you can take it easy, and make money while you trade.
And we are happy today, because we are blessed with opportunities everyday.

So today is about to pass, tomorrow is about to come.
It doesn’t matter what day it is, opportunities is what we want.

So the next one that comes, I will open my arms say, “Thank God for this opportunity, I swear to you that I will wait”.


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