Note: This trade was shared on the 26th December.

I am looking at this coins charts, EXP, but I am no longer looking at the daily charts , even less the hourly charts, now I am looking at the weekly charts, which is longer term, and the bullish signals are all there.


EXP shows a breakout that happened last week, closing in green and confirming a new uptrend for this week and other weeks to come.

MACD is just about to crossover on the weekly chart.

RSI & STOCH are throwing bullish signals.

– These same three indicators, MACD , RSI & STOCH , all need a break on the daily chart , which allows room for a small retrace, but after this retrace is completed, we are going to see some good upward movement. MACD on the 1D chart shows positive divergence.

– Coin volume is fairly low at 210 BTC .

– This coin had very strong movement just a few months ago around June. In 2016 it also challenged new highs. Is this the next try? We wil see, the indicators and chart signals are asking us to open up a new position. Got it, we understand, so let’s trade.

Weekly charts with all indicators marked and targets:



Buy-in: 0.00028500 – 0.00042000

Stop-loss: 0.00020500

(1) 0.000578
(2) 0.000841
(3) 0.001053
(4) 0.001568
(5) 0.001953
(6) 0.003066


The sun and the moon, are always there for you.
The sky and the stars, are always there to shine.

Myself and yourself, are here to stay.
Remember your past, you’ve always been great.

Remember your future, so you can build whats to come.
Live in the present, so that you can enjoy more.

Enjoy more of life.
Enjoy more of this moment.
Enjoy more of your self.

Focus on all the good around you, for now and the time that’s to come.
And you will see how it all multiples, just to adapt to your thoughts.

In this quick message, I just gave you the trick.
Thinking about what you want, is how you can achieve, the best way to be, all that you want and can be.

P.S. You are beautiful, eternal soul and YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

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