Here is a coin I know, a coin I traded over and over again in the past, and a coin that we can make huge profits from, but this time, we make an exception, I am not going to use my normal “requirements” to join this trade, it is not at the bottom, and we will be aiming for longer term. So if patience is not your virtue, consider that last sentence a warning. Or better yet, read my “How to Become A Successful Trader – Avoid Panic & Fear – Stay Relaxed & Calmed – 15 Tips 4 Beginners” (coming soon) article.

I will be focusing on my technical analysis, but also add some fundamental analysis, which includes the news, developers and fundamentals related to this coin.

Yes, I am upgrading myself and learning as I go. Yesterday it was only the charts, today I will give you even more.

So please, enjoy. And I know that you will.

I love you for your support, and know that you will always have mine. I will do whatever it takes, to give you the best coin analysis, that you can ever find.


So let’s trade.


Fundamentals for PotCoin (POT)

PotCoin (POT), has been a “pump & dump” coin for a while. This coin was literally pumped and dumped over and over in the past, sometimes seeing 700% increase in just a short period of time, maybe just 30 minutes, and then going all the way back down. Now, this is a real “pump & dump”. But, as time went by and the Marijuana industry keeps on booming, with Marijuana now being legal in Canada, other countries and lots of states in the USA, this coin, THC and CANN (other Marijuana related coins) are gaining some serious looks. They’ve become strong.

POT has a very active developers team. Their website is awesome and they are always giving us updates on everything that is going on with their coin and industry in which they are involved.

You can find their “vision board” here:

At the time of this writing:

  • POT has a $76.67 M usd market cap.
  • Is valued 0.331737 USD.
  • And has a 4.84 M usd 24h volume (this will change fast when we start to trade this coin).

So, let’s get started. Let’s trade. Let’s start with the technical analysis.


Technical analysis for PotCoin (POT)

Now, before we look at the charts, let me give you the instructions so that you can buy in and hold.


Buy-in range: 0.00001500 – 0.000025000

(Any price between this range and the stop-loss can be considered a bargain. But this coin is very unlikely to go below this range).
Note: The range is incredibly wide because this is a LONG trade, you might come here in a few weeks and find a great price to buy in.

Stop-loss: 0.00001300

(If the price goes above 0.00001300, you close the trade. Normally, this would only be activated if a huge downtrend starts to happen. If that’s the case, you set an automatic sell order for anything below this price. While the coin is within buy-in range or going up, the stop-loss is completely irrelevant).


Short term (measured in weeks)
(1) 0.00003333 * Target Reached on 31st Dec. 17 *
(2) 0.00004033 * Target Reached *
(3) 0.00005165
(4) 0.00005971

Long term (think of months)
(4) 0.00007000
(5) 0.00009963 (New All Time High
(6) 0.00014760 (If McAffee tweets it / joking)

(This is where we sell for profit. You can read the “Selling the Targets – The Basics” articles to decide which strategy to go for).

You can find instructions on how to read these terms and how to use them by visiting my most read basic article, “Alan Masters Cryptocurrency Trading – The Basics: Buy-in, Stop-loss & Targets”


Ok, great. “Thank you Alan Masters for all the hard”. No, thank you my friend, for all the incredible support. (Just adding some entertainment value to your reading, I hope you don’t mind).

  • Short term – I am analyzing the 1h and 2h charts. They look ready for a take off, but since this is short term, this can happen for a few days and then we are back to where we started. I am looking at the MACD, RSI & STOCH, all giving out bullish signals. I can’t really go into the details or this analysis will last forever. The candles are also looking great, and new stronger action can be confirmed when we break and close above 2300-2400 levels. Here is a 2h chart:
  • Longer term – For this I am looking at the 4h and 1D (daily) charts. The stage has been set up for massive growth. Unless something happens, like something related to Bitcoin, this coin is set up to take off in the next few days max. Here you can see another chart, the indicators giving bullish signals are market:
  • Long term – For this I am looking at the 1W (weekly) chart. This one still needs some “work”, meaning, not many bullish signals, but all the indicators allow for massive growth. So we have bullish signals in the short term which can set up for a better long term outlook when I check again in a few days or weeks.
  • There are many more indicators of course, like a very strong support around the 1600 satoshis level (0.0001600) and EMA levels, but, these are enough.

Note: I used the Poloneix charts for this trade and charts. There might be slight variation in prices compared to Bittrex.

My message to you

This is my first “real” analysis after the Nubits (NBT) waste of energy. This is also my first analysis after very, very hard work with setting up hundreds of new accounts. And this is my first analysis to you, my loved supporter, follower and member. So, it is now basically tradition for me to always give a message at the end of my trades. This message, I hope that you find it awesome, inspiring and help you grow in many ways.


Yes, I get tired sometimes, I know I am a human being.
But that doesn’t mean that I will stop, I will just sit back, take a break and get back to being me.

My goals will not accomplish themselves.
Only I can make my dreams come true.
For that I wake up today, to work as hard as I can, for YOU.

If you think I am talking about myself, think again, that’s not the case.
This message is coming from you, dedicated to yourself.

Namaste. (I bow to the Divinity that resides within you)

My hope is that you make tons of money with this trade. Remember that this “game” is about patience, all it takes is just to wait.

Remember that there are only three possible actions, that is sell,buy and hold.

You won’t have to use them in that order, but if you BUY, HOLD and then SELL. You will definitely become a winner in with this trade.

And remember, that no matter what happens, YOU DESERVE THE BEST.


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