I have a new trade idea for you, this coin meets our standards to be a safe, profitable, long term, trade idea. The name of this coin / cryptocurrency is CreditBit (CRB).

Before we even get started, let me tell you a few things, as usual, about our trading in general.


General information about our coin analysis and trading

1) You do not have to join this trade, nor any other trade for that matter. This is completely optional to you. You can wait and see how things go. You can wait for another trade idea, or you can join, but this is completely optional and up to you. There are many opportunities available, and as always, more opportunities will come.

2) Patience is the key. With patience, when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, you win. Please allow at least 1 week for this trade to develop. If you can’t wait for at least for 1 week for the action to start, then this trade is not for you. The entire trade can take from 1 week to 12-24 weeks to reach our targets. Yet, not all targets are reachable or are meant to be reached.

3) You can check my profile @ Trading View, to see dozens of successful trades, that started only after weeks of being posted, generating 100%, 200%, 300% and even 500% and more, over and over again, for all those who decided to wait.

These are just some basic guidelines, but they will help you become a better trader, and help you gain more profits when you trade.

This is not a “pump & dump” scheme, these only last few minutes. These are trades based on technical analysis, and they will go as the signals suggest if they are allowed time to develop.

So, NOW, let’s make some money my friend. Let’s trade.



Buy-in range: 0.00003900 – 0.00005500

Stop-loss: 0.00003711


(1) 0.00010580 * Target Reached on 11-Jan (1) – 2018 (11) *
(2) 0.00014830
(3) 0.00018320
(4) 0.00021644
(5) 0.00026552
(6) 0.00032667

Longer term:
(7) 0.00050614 (All time high)
(8) 0.00079222
(9) 0.00186211

Note: We do not need to reach all the targets for me to close this trade. I can decide to stop following this trade after we earn 300-500%. Closing the trade for me only means that I won’t be following it, not that the coin will die. If that is to happen, and you want to keep on trading this coin, you can always use my “Buy, Hold & Sell on Target” strategy, which has a 100% success rate.



  • I will start with the strongest indicators for a coin at the bottom. MACD positive divergence and a new strong uptrend after breakout. I marked this clearly on the daily chart (red lines is the positive divergence): https://www.tradingview.com/x/jj8An7aK/
  • MACD crossover on the daily chart and RSI and STOCH pointing upward. Please note that the coin will likely have a retrace on the daily chart based on the RSI readings. This is completely ok and normal, this can be a few days of hovering within our buy in range and then take off again, we have weeks to let this trade develop.
  • The weekly charts looks positive on the candle formations, which is our “long term” chart. There is not enough data to look at the indicators for this chart.



I would like to thank you for your hard work, learning and trying to learn.
I want to thank for being here, with me, once again.
I want to thank you, for participating with me, in buying this coin.
I want to celebrate, for being able to have the patience to wait, and becoming a winner once more.

Thanks for helping me become the success that I’ve become.
It is all thanks to you, my dear reader, my follower, my eternal soul.


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