Musicoin (MUSIC) bounced hard from bottom and is showing strong movement. This coins history shows that the people who trade it loves action. So you can expect to see fireworks with this one; based on the chart history.

We are getting straight into it.


Buy-in: 0.00000287 – 0.00000400

Stop loss: 0.00000194


(1) 0.00000598 – Target reached – 7-Jan-18
(2) 0.00000771 * Target reached @ 749 on 8-Jan-18
(3) 0.00000911
(4) 0.00001050
(5) 0.00001250
(6) 0.00001504
(7) 0.00002288 (New All Time High; Hard to reach according to coins history).

Strategy: If you want your automatic sell order to fill for sure when the price is going up, place it 5-10% below target. To maximize profits, place it 5-10% above target (this has lower chance of filling up).

Note: 0.00001506 is the All Time High. Lots of resistance there. This coin tried to break this high several times in a period of few months. So this is definitely our top.



– MACD positive divergence.

– New uptrend after bounce from bottom.

– Great potential on the long term weekly charts.

– The weekly chart alone for Musicoin (MUSIC), lead me to open this trade. Look at it here: Musicoin (MUSIC)One week is a lot of time in the cryptocurrency markets. Musicoin closed last week very strongly, and had a “consolidation” week this week. So next week has the ‘potential’ of being a very strong week.

This is just a potential, so if the weeks potential doesn’t materialize, we wait for the next one. So patience is advised. So, if for whatever reason patience is not your strong suit and you need to control the market and have this coin move NOW, please, skip this trade. Patience is the key to become a winner in this game.

This is the 1D (daily) chart. Each candle represents a period of 24 hours.

Musicoin (MUSIC)



Three times a day, you hear the bell that comes to your door.
What is it this bell Alan, you ask… I don’t know.

4 Times is the number that you hear people call your name.
What is it that they want, you turn around and say?

Five times, is the number, that it takes for you to understand.
Ok it happened again, this time I won’t be afraid.

7 Is the number of balance, your body, your true-self, growth and evolution.
This trade decides it all, this is my own conclusion.

9 Times, counting this time, will be the number of times that I will win again.
It doesn’t matter what happens, from now on, I WILL WIN ON EVERY SINGLE TRADE.


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