I am writing a quick list of the top cryptocurrency exchanges here. Now, some people hate and love these and I fully understand. I like Bittrex because it works for me, but it might not work for you. So everybody can choose the one they like, they all have their ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages.

The reason why I like and use Bittrex, is because they have a wide range of coins and everything is automated. I don’t have to talk to anyone ever, I don’t have to write support tickets and I can withdraw up to 100 BTC a day instantly. Imagine that, way more than what I need.

Now, Bittrex is not paying me so let’s talk about the rest as well, as they get lots of promotion from me just because they are the one I use.


Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

I will be giving you just a quick general glance at these, you will have to research them and find the one that works for you. Everybody needs to do their research and find where it is they want to trade. I will be joining Binance soon to offer a wider range of different coins to my loved and highly appreciated supporters.

  1. Bittrex (Lots of coins, instant payments).
  2. Coinbase (Few coins, has credit card and bank transfer options – Huge discrimination though).
  3. Poloneix (A fair selection of coins – I’ve been always afraid of this exchange but most of the people that are not on, or can’t use, Bittrex use Poloneix)
  4. Binance (Only heard good things about it. Great selection of coins, some unique and very powerful ones).
  5. HitBTC (Good exchange with a few selection of coins).
  6. Wex.nz (Very secure, wide selection of withdrawal options just a few coins).
  7. Kraken (I believe this is a good one specially for Europe).
  8. BitFinex (This one is big, small selection of coins).
  9. Gemini (For USA members wanting to trade Bitcoin and I believe almost nothing else).
  10. BitStamp (This one is big as well and has some good options for buying and selling Bitcoins).
  11. CEX.io (I believe this to be one of the few with credit card deposits, along with Coinmama).

Now, let’s look at the rest, the first few can be considered alternatives to Bittrex if you are looking for huge amounts of coins, these have around 250-350 coins, Bittrex has around 190:

  1. YoBit (This one has more coins than Bittrex, out of Russia).
  2. EtherDelta (Also has a lot of coins, these two are the alternatives to Bittrex when it comes to lots of coins, they have double the amount of coins as Bittrex).
  3. Cryptopia (Lots of coins as well, over 250).
  4. Changelly (35+ coins).
  5. Shapeshift (40+ coins).
  6. LocalBitcoins (To buy and sell Bitcoins locally in your own country, this is useful to sell your Bitcoins without paying a bunch of fees).
  7. Bisq (A decentralized exchange).
  8. Bithumb (South Korea).

Ok my dear readers. Fellow divine beings. Eternal souls.

I believe I gave you a wide range of options, something for everyone.

So enjoy your exchanges, enjoy your trades.

And remember, it doesn’t matter what happens, YOU DESERVE THE BEST.

Alan Masters here, Namaste.

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