Our main focus here on Alan Masters Trading is to help you make money trading cryptocurrencies. I will write about the difference between trading and investing, some coins can be good investments for long term but this isn’t what we normally do.

Let’s say we are looking at a trade for a big market cap. altcoin, like ETH, LTC, XRP, etc. These are very long term coins and can be hold for long. Also consider that you might like a specific coin for its features, team and philosophy behind the teams work, in all these cases, you can Hold for Long.

This strategy is the simplest and doesn’t apply only to big market cap. coins, you can follow this strategy with any coin you like, on any of the trades we share and here is how it works:

Selling the Targets (Part 3) – Hold for Long

  1. You’ve bought your coin and you want to see this trade develop. Let’s say you buy the cryptocurrency called HempCoin (THC) based on one of my suggestions, this is a very promising and active coin, with lots of ups and down. But you don’t want to sell it when it goes up, you want to see how it develops, what’s going to happen, you want to be part of this “movement”, so you decide to hold.
  2. The Hold for Long strategy is just that. You hold your coins for as long as you want. Once you are happy with the gains, once you decide by yourself, you can choose to sell a certain portion or sell all. It is up to you, but since you’ve been holding long, you are definitely going to be in profit, because the coins I share, when you buy, the price is always low.

Alan Masters here, Namaste my beautiful soul.

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