This is the last article of this series, Selling the Targets, and this might sound like a joke. This strategy on how to deal with the target levels on my trade ideas, how to sell on those targets, actually, requires no selling. Wait what?

This strategy is called “I Own this  Coin”.

The name says it all. Now let’s get to it.

Selling the Targets (Part 5) – I Own this Coin

  1. Now let’s say you found a coin you really love; no wait, let’s make it even better, let’s say you know the developers, you have a stake on this project and you want to see it grow.
  2. In this case you no longer need sell targets, you own this coin. So you really hold for long. You take your coins and just leave them there for as long as you want. Every now and then you can check my trades analysis and maybe sell a portion of your coins, just to buy back lower, because you own this coin.
  3. So when you sell is only to buy back and buy more. You use the target levels because that is when you know that the price is reaching a top.
  4. You can also go a step further and buy more every time the price drops.

This is more of a investment strategy. So you get your coins, you hold them, trust your initial decision and never look back. Whatever happens next is for the market to decide, you don’t have to control the future, the present or the past. You just have to trust your feelings and do whatever you think, at the moment, that is right.


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