SolarCoin (SLR) just caught my attention, after bouncing from a bottom that it hasn’t hit since February 2016. This coin has been on Bittrex since March of 2014, that’s a very long time and shows great potential for long term upward movement. Its all time high was reached on the 6th of June 2016 @ 0.00040000. Let’s see what this coin has to offer to us today.

Online, it reads like this:

SolarCoin (**§** ; **SLR**) is a cryptocurrency launched in January 2014 and implemented to incentivize global solar electricity generation. The supply of SolarCoin is designed to last 40 years delivering incentives for generating 97,500 TWh of solar electricity.

I like the sun, but let’s see what the charts have to say. So, SolarCoin come with me… LET’S TRADE.


SolarCoin (SLR) Trading Instructions & Technical Analysis


Buy-in: 0.00003950 – 0.00005000

Stop-loss: 0.00003069


(1) 0.00012280 * Target Reached 7-Jan-18 *
(2) 0.00017650 * Target Reached 11-Jan-18 *
(3) 0.00022000
(4) 0.00026201
(5) 0.00032199
(6) 0.00040000
(7) 0.00062180 (New all time high)



  • SolarCoin looks really strong on the 1D chart. All indicators are pointing upwards, including MACD, RSI & STOCH and also allowing for massive room for growth.
  • The price now, at publish time, is double from the bottom it hit on the 8th December 2017, confirming a new uptrend on this time frame.
  • The volume is extremely low, sitting at 18.4 BTC at the time of this analysis, which allows for huge growth potential. You can look at the daily chart below: SolarCoin (SLR) coin analysis
  • Now we move to the weekly chart, which is the longer term. I am using the most basic indicators but also the strongest, to me. In this chart, everything is sitting at the bottom, which tells me that we have massive room for growth, which is exactly what we want and look for. Huge growth potential, translates into huge profits potential. Which can translate into huge amounts of money in our pockets. Which is exactly what we are looking for by trading in these markets.
  • The candle stick analysis shows that last week was a great week for SolarCoin, closing on a full green candle, with over 40% increase in price. This week has been positive as well for this coin and next week we hope to reach the top (meaning, start strong action). Here you can see the weekly chart, notice the indicators sitting at the bottom, compared to the daily chart. The #1 on this weeks candle is another positive sign: SolarCoin

My message to you

I can’t believe it, no wait, I actually do.
Yesterday I was waiting for something that today came true.

I remember you said, that opportunities are on their way.
I remember I didn’t trust, but now I understand.

The cryptocurrency market offers more opportunities than the ones that you can take.
Maybe I missed this one, but I know that I am no longer afraid.

Because I am sure that tomorrow, another opportunity will be on its way.

This is your guide Alan Masters, and I love sharing with you this trade.


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