AuroraCoin (AUR)

One of our great followers shared with me the following coin, AuroraCoin (AUR), the charts look good, there is a huge positive divergence going on, on the MACD daily chart. Like I always say, one of the strongest of all indicators for a new bull run.

If you look at the chart, you will notice that this coin was pumped and dumped on the 7th December… No big deal, this won’t affect our trade.

All time high for this coin was reached on April 11th 2016 @ 0.000918.

Let’s look at the instructions to trade this coin…



Buy-in range: 0.00009000 – 0.00014000

Stop-loss: 0.00006699


(1) 0.000289
(2) 0.000412
(3) 0.000508
(4) 0.000605
(5) 0.000742
(6) 0.000918
(7) 0.001400 (New all time high)


  • MACD positive divergence.
  • RSI & STOCH trending upwards.
  • New upward trend.
  • All short term charts showing positive bull signals.
  • Weekly chart looks awesome for long term growth (
  • Low volume allows for massive room for growth.
  • That’s all I have to say, now, let’s go.



What a trip it was today, coming soon I won’t be away.
I call your name from the car, you hear something familiar again.

What is it to understand, how hard can it be?
I am giving you a secret message, try to keep up, follow me.

It is not a riddle, it is similar because it is hard to understand.
As long as you read these words, new upgrades will always come your way.

So it is not about the letters, nor what you can understand when you read.
Its about the energy that’s put out when writing these.

Enjoy this phrase today, because soon you will have more.
As long as you read the complete paragraph, you will get the meaning before you’re gone.

This is an energetic upgrade, THIS IS HOW ITS DONE!


P.S. And you’re welcome… Soon you’ll understand.

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