Incent (INCNT), I’ve already shared this coin in the past, but there is new news and some developments that will make this coin a successful, long term, stable, safe and profitable coin to trade.

I received some news about INCNT, here it is:

Incent (INCNT) now trading at low prices and have partnerships brewing with Amazon, eBay and AliExpress, their platform goes Live in Feb, 46m supply 50% of which will be locked up… trading now at 3800 satoshis, a bargain price…

Note: Please allow this trade time to develop. Please allow several weeks at least for this coin to grow.



Follow these guidelines and suggestions for your trade:

Buy-in: 0.00003300 – 0.00005200

Stop-loss: 0.00002375


(1) 0.0005920 * Target Reached on 1-Jan-18 *
(2) 0.0007460 * Next Target *
(3) 0.0009590
(4) 0.0011060
(5) 0.0013840
(6) 0.0017320
(7) 0.0029880 (New all time high)

Indicators used:

EMA above price.
– Touched rock bottom.
– Strong breakout.
MACD , RSI & STOCH , all the most famous showing bullish signals.
TD count allows for growth.


This time around, I will make the right call.
I’ve learned to wait, now its time to let go.

I can relax, while I wait for my trade.
To complete all the targets, that I set the first day.

So instead of looking at the screen, and thinking of staying calm.
I will go to the park, and enjoy all day long.

Play safe and stay strong.
Because you are a Divine Being.
An Eternal living SOUL.


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