Here is a coin that it is mainly traded on Binance. My Binance people.

I heard good things about Binance and the fact that they only have “strong” coins. I hope that’s true. That’s good… That’s right.

So let’s look at this coin. Not much data on the charts, it has been there since September 2017, so let’s looks at SingularDTV (SNGLS) with open eyes.


SingularDTV (SNGLS) Technical Analysis and Instructions for trading it


  • The signs are there. The coin already took off. But has been on a steady grow run. Let’s look at the charts.
  • 1D (Daily chart – each candle represents 24 hours). The TD sequential indicator is sitting on a #2, which is indicating that we are looking at the start of a new trend. (2018 is a year #2). We are at the beginning of that trend, according to that number. This is good.
  • 1D MACD showed strong resistance in the last pump in November after the price started to go down. The price dropped hard but it looked like the MACD instead wanted to go up. Ok, we get it. This is a bullish strong point. Daily chart: SNGLS SingularDTV trade coin analysis
  • We have at least one week on a positive trend. The signals are telling me that this will continue… No worries about the price swings, they will always be there. The important thing is to be patient and hold while you wait.
  • The downtrend line created by November’s high has been broken. We need to close “in the positive” today and stay there if we want to continue going higher.
  • We are strong on the weekly but not much info on the charts. Just two green candles for last week and this one that is about to start.



Buy-in: 0.00001690 – 0.00002250

(As usual, strong range for strong coins).

Stop-loss: 0.00001579


(1) 0.00002750 * Target reached on 5-Jan-18 *
(2) 0.00003330 * Target reached on 14-Jan-18 *
(2.5) 0.00003800 * Target reached on 14-Jan-18 *
(3) 0.00004270
(3.5) 0.00004940
(4) 0.00005790

Longer term targets (after breaking All Time High)

(5) 0.00008250
(6) 0.00012240
(7) 0.00016220
(8) 0.00018600

Note: These new target levels, 2.5 and 3.5, means that these targets are easy to fly by. So more caution when selling on these. Maybe sell less than usual.


New Year Message (2018)

When trading online, have fun with it, make lots of money. Remain calm and enjoy the ride. If you aren’t enjoying this, then stop for a minute and breath. Remember that you are here to make money to improve all areas of your life. Being rich is good, for you and for your community. So be rich, want it, you deserve it.





I am so happy and grateful now, for the year that just past.
I am even more happy now, that a new year is just about to start.

2018 Is here, for me and for you. I am going to take advantage of it, to make everything that I want come true.
When I say “I”, I really mean YOU.

This message is coming from me, but who is reading it, is YOU.

What this means is that this is your own wish, that you want to come true.

That is, for life to give you the freedom, to become whatever you choose.

Alan Masters here… your true follower, your Guide, your friend…


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