Now, you can really hold this coin for LONG. When I say long, I always mention a few weeks but that isn’t really long, few weeks is a short amount of time. Months is also a short amount of time. Years is something long, but not that long, only half long, so let’s aim for months.

STEEM is a strong coin and you can hold it for long. But you can also make short term profits if you want. You can sell after you reach 20%, 30%, 50% and so on. Some others can wait for 80-150%, while others can aim for 300% or more. We have two all time highs, one from 2016 and one from 2017. If we focus on the 2017 one, we aim for 300% or so in profits potential. If we look back at 2016, then we have over 3000% profits potential. That doesn’t matter, we buy low and sell high. We trade for profit, and profits we will have.

STEEM is in the TOP-100 cryptocurrencies. It is #40 by market cap. I Just want to look at the charts, let’s gets started. I want to trade, and make money, me and you, all of us, NOW & ALWAYS! FOREVER AND EVER!



STEEM Technical Analysis and Instructions


Buy-in: 0.000222 – 000320

Note: There will be price swings, the price will go up and down. This is normal. You hold and wait always, until we aim and finally reach our targets. Since we are here in the middle of the action, you can use your stop loss if things go south.

Stop-loss: 0.00014949


(1) 0.000406 * Target reached on 2-Jan-18 *
(2) 0.000518 * Target reached on 2-Jan-18 *
(3) 0.000609 * Target reached on 25-Jan-18 @ 0.000606 *
(4) 0.000699
(5) 0.000829
(6) 0.000990

These are longer terms, we might close before challenging these:

(7) 0.001467
(8) 0.002221
(9) 0.003400
(+) 0.007500 (all time high after launch)


This coin already took off, the bottom is a bit far way, but we still have a long way to go. So we are joining here on a position of strength. Because we are GOD like, because we are beautiful, because we are LOVE.

This is the main reason why we all deserve to be RICH, in every single meaning of this word. Since we are special, now and always, always have been and always will be. I DESERVE THE BEST. YOU DESERVE THE BEST. And so it is. That’s right. Yes. That’s GREAT.

  • We have a very strong positive divergence on the daily chart. Great candles, an uptrend, consolidation after breakout and we are in for the 2nd round. The daily chart has many bullish signals but remember this is a strong coin, one day is nothing, we want to wait more. I’ll leave you the daily chart, but let’s look at the weekly chart for the signals that we want. Daily chart: Steem trade chart
  • Weekly chart analysis: Last week was consolidation week, so we might take off this week or next one. We have MACD crossover and a bullish RSI & STOCH.
  • On the weekly analysis our first target will be our first major resistance and we go from there. The TD Sequential indicator and candlestick reading analysis looks pretty strong. I don’t know why I keep on writing, we are going to make money with this coin. Take a look at the weekly chart, we are just getting started. Weekly chart: STEEM weekly chart trade coin analysis
  • The monthly chart is also positive. What I see is a positive month ahead, but a month is a long time, many things can change. But the signs are bullish rather than bearish, and that’s what we look for, bullish signals, so we are good. We are ready. We are light. We are LOVE.
  • Ok, enough of that. Volume is relatively pretty low. That’s around 300 Bitcoins at the time of analyzing this coin.


  • All time high back from August 2017 is 0.00099470. There is another all time high back from 2016, which is 0.0075.
  • We can aim higher this time, but we will be happy just by testing the 2017 levels.
  • Only use a portion of your capital for this or any other trade. Meaning, diversify. If you believe this to be a strong trade, then use 20-25%, but that’s all. Maximum 30%, then safe the rest for other coins. You can do 10-15% per coin until you have all your money in different places. Then you take out profits when you want to open more. Take out profits when you want to increase your comfort at home… Which should be ALWAYS. Because YOU DESERVE THE BEST! In 2018 and beyond.


New Year Message

I am ready for 2018. You are ready for 2018.
I am ready for all of life. I will acquire everything that I need.

Everything that I need to be successful, in my own way.
Everything that I want to be happy, with my own self.

Everything that comes to me, positive, I will accept.
I am open to receiving, this year is for myself.

Be grateful for all the opportunities that life has allowed on all of us.
Many people can’t have these, so that’s we will benefit as much as we want.
Because if they can’t have it, then we are lucky, and grateful and we have to make the best of it all.

To thank the Universe and Life itself for that choice.
The choice of making me special (YOU), above all.

The choice for giving us again, the opportunity to be, whoever we want to be and much, much, more.

This is my prayer for 2018.
My prayer is that you can gain so much financial prosperity, that you can have the freedom that you need to be yourself and help all those others that haven’t been able to become what they want.

Alan Masters here. This is just the beginning.
More is on its way.

I part with  my usual greeting….


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