adToken ADT. This will be like the old times. We will just trade this coin as the charts are telling us to do so.


Buy-in: 0.00000555 – 0.00000825

Stop-loss: 0.00000319

adToken (ADT) Target:

(1) 0.00000997 * TARGET REACHED *
(2) 0.00001290 * TARGET REACHED on 6-Jan-18 *
(3) 0.00001780 * TARGET REACHED on 26-Jan-18 *
(4) 0.00002120 * Target Reached on 26-Jan-18 *
(5) 0.00002560
(6) 0.00003820 (New all time high)



  • The weekly chart is looking strong. It has three big candles, showing that the coin wants to go up. Last week was a week of pure consolidation, the price basically didn’t move. The week before was the breakout, and this week we hope to keep on moving up. That’s what the chart is saying that this coin wants to go.
  • The daily chart is where all the signals are. It looks better. I will show you an image with at least 5 indicators. See if you can spot them: adToken (ADT)
  • Ok, we have a broken trend line. We have strong positive divergence on the MACD do. Look at the dashed red line right above the candles and on the MACD part of the chart. The price is going down, but the MACD is going up. Then you have all the indicators pointing up. See the green arrows. That’s five in total. The TD indicator it is showing a number #4. And when we do candle stick reading, a big green candle is a good sign, but this day has still a long way to go. So we can’t count on that as this candle hasn’t close.
  • That’s all we need, there is more, to open a trade by buying this coin and profiting for several weeks and months to come. This is easy, the charts always tells you all. Now we let the market decide, “where you want to go?”. He is already telling us that he wants this coin to go up. I get it, let’s trade and enjoy what we’ve got.


Message: Let’s Trade

What do I mean by “Let’s Trade”?

Are we really trading? Trading what?

This is all an illusion. It was created by us.

We created the coins, we created the names, we did it all for fun. And it works.

Our imagination created the trading, and the trading we use to increase our comfort.

So take your profits out of our imagination, and buy yourself a new home.

After you feel completely comfortable and relaxed, you will trade like a pro.


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