I get asked all the time about short trades. Why don’t you do short trades? All your trades are LONG?

Really? What does a short trade means for you? The decision is really yours.

All my trades are long trades, but all long trades can be short trades. It all depends on you. The decision is yours. Here is why…


Why All My Trades Are Good for Short Term and Long Term

I will make it very simple. You can see my trades here, you will notice the huge “profits potential”, which is the potential profit that any specific trade can yield in the long term. In order to reach this potential, we have to climb our way up and this climb starts from day one.

So let’s say we start a trade today. There is already a breakout so the coin price is moving up. We analyze, calculate and we join.

  • After 24 hours, you see a 20% increase in price, just as an example. If you want a short term trade, there you have it. You can sell.
  • In a few more days, let’s say we reach 55%, we haven’t reached our first target yet but, here is the chance for another short trade.
  • Now an entire week has passed, and in our example, we see profits from 60 to 100% or more. You can choose to close this trade now as a winner, in a short amount of time, or hold long for more.

So just as you can open a position (buy in) with the intention to hold while you wait. You can also have a plan, to sell as soon as you reach the first 20%. Now that 20% “fast” profits, is what I call a short term trade.

You can either stay for long, or trade for as short an amount of time as you want to wait.


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