Etherum Classic is a very strong coin. Its number is 17 by market cap. So it is sitting in the top 20 cryptocurrencies and it has been preparing for a while for its bull run. Let’s see if this is the time for it to go up. If it is, we move with it and while this all happens, we simply enjoy.


Etherum Classic (ETC) Technical Analysis and Trade Instructions


  • All the indicators on the ETC charts are building up. You can clearly see the MACD crossing over. I see possible strong action, but there is resistance to overcome @ 0.0025 to be able at new highs. We need to break this level and close above it on the daily chart just to get started for real. Then the rest can be seen more clearly.

Daily chart: Etherum Classic Coin Analysis

  • The weekly chart looks really good, but still needs the last push so that we can get this really where we want. The EMA is far above current price, which is bullish. Everything is reversing, to go up, and this week candle is a #1, according to the TD indicator. We close this week strong, positive on the green and we will see plenty more action in the future weeks to come.

Weekly chart: Etherum Classic (ETC) trade ideas

  • General growth and accumulation has been positive since I posted my first chart about it after the double bottom. Each time we have higher lows, I am looking at this on the daily chart. We are reaching a tipping point, to decide if we go on a strong bull run, or keep on going sideways and building up.
  • I believe the time has come, let’s ride this wave and see how it goes. Follow the instructions, because this is a new buy in set up, with new targets and stop-loss. Enjoy your trade.


Buy-in: 0.00218 – 0.00296

Trailing Stop-loss:

(1) 0.00205
(2) 0.00362 (Updated stop-loss – 14-Feb-18)


(1) 0.00366 * Target Reached on 13-Feb-2018 *
(2) 0.00479
(3) 0.00568

Longer term targets:
(4) 0.00658
(5) 0.00786
(6) 0.00952 (last all time high)

Note: I get the feeling that it will be hard for ETC to go really high, but at the same time, if it really gains momentum when it takes off, it can become a true monster, in the positive way. So be ready to wait a long time and just enjoy the ride and accept whatever that it is to come. We are incredibly happy with taking profits, but we are open to reality and sometimes we might even take a loss. We will see how this goes, but Etherum Classic charts, to me, look strong.


Message To You by You

I didn’t think about what I was going to say or share today.
I actually never do.

Just the fact of not knowing, and not worrying, just letting myself go.
Allows me to write something new every single day for you.

So how would a message to you from you looks like?
Let me show you, it looks something like this…

It says “I”, because I am talking about myself. You are talking about you.
So I know that I am growing, each time that I share with you.

I know that I am happy, now, in my own understanding of this word.
Because I know this essence, that is within me, that is me but it is also YOU.

So when I thank you for your work, I am actually thanking myself.
Because we are both one, we live together in the same world.


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