One of the many issues beginners face when trading cryptocurrencies, is how to split their money.

How much to purchase of each coin and when?

It happens that in this market, the cryptocurrency market, opportunities are endless, and we are bathed with a wave of new opportunities all the time, everyday, but this can turn into a problem rather than a solution. A disadvantage rather than an advantage. Why is that?

Well, if we don’t have a plan we tend to make mistakes, because of lack of experience.

We might join a trade and buy an altcoin, we feel all pumped and hyped up, good and positive. The next minute another opportunity comes, and this one seems bigger and better, and somehow you don’t want to wait, the excitement of your old coin is gone, you move to the new one, on and on. Leaving loses behind each time you jump from coin to coin, and worst yet, the action seems to start, almost always, as soon as you go.

So how do we deal with this problem?

How can we plan to take advantage of all the opportunities, without worries and end up in success?

That’s the question that I am here to answer for you.


Let’s say you have 1 Bitcoin (Or 0.10 BTC ), or any amount for that matter, and a awesome, charismatic, helpful and optimistic trader, like myself, posts a new analysis or trade idea and you want to join. How much of your capital will you put in?

Will you put in 100% of your capital? NO.

“Well this is a huge trade”, “This guy knows his stuff”, “I will take the chance to recoup my losses”, etc.

Remember that we do not, and cannot, predict the market. We look at signals which points to a certain direction, but the market can choose to do whatever it wants. That’s why we set targets and also stop loss.

So instead of putting all your money in one place, divide all your trades in increments of 10.

You have 1 BTC, then you have the chance to open 10 trades.
You don’t have to join them all at once. You are not losing anything if your money is resting fine.

This new trade I just posted, you can put in 10%. Set it and forget and you will do well.
The next trade, go ahead, another 10%. Now you are feeling good, because you have a plan and you feel strong.
And even if the trade goes wrong, you have 80% of your capital safe, and in the worst case scenario, you will see a 10% loss.

On the other hand, if the trade goes as planned, and you get to earn, you can be looking at a maybe a 100, or even 200 percent.

Follow this strategy wherever you go.
And trust, that in time, you will see your money grow.

“I am the Spirit of Trading, and I am here to set you FREE, all of you, my beautiful SOULS”.


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