I am doing a trade idea (coin analysis) for FirstBlood (1ST). Ranked 136 on CoinMarketCap at the time of this writing, this is a strong coin. Volume is strong, and the charts look really stable. This is good, this is like MTL, ETC, LTC, ANT, PAY and other coins that move slowly but steadily, so when the uptrend starts, you see it go up, up, up… slowly… but up.

I tried to “research” this coin… But you know what? Let’s go straight to the charts, that what has been speaking to me. That’s where I heard the “call”. Let’s do this… Now, Let’s Trade!!!

Note: This will really be a hold coin, because there are some indicators that signal consolidation and retrace. So if you are one of those that can’t wait, please, don’t join this trade. On the other hand, if you are good with waiting and making money on this coin, feel free to buy in and profit with the rest of us.


FirstBlood (1ST) Indicators & Instructions


Buy-in: 0.000119 –  0.000140

Stop-loss: 0.00008164


(1) 0.000348
(2) 0.000526
(3) 0.000813
(4) 0.001010
(5) 0.001280
(6) 0.002022 (New all time high)



  • My first signal was the stability of the chart, I really liked the way this chart looks.
  • There is some pretty strong accumulation signals on the chart going on. MACD positive divergence is just one.
  • The daily chart has been in action since 12th December, I would like get into the trade earlier but this is not a big deal. What this can do is just a few days of retrace. But we don’t care, because we are here to wait. So take your time FirstBlood, we will wait until our targets are met. Here is the daily chart for your entertainment: FIRSTBLOOD (1st) Coin analysis trade idea
  • Still on the daily chart above, the MACD is showing plenty of room for growth and the right attitude; cross over, trending upward + bullish zone.
  • While the RSI is almost overbought and the STOCH is also sitting at the top. What this means is that we will either need a small retrace or some consolidation. Maybe this will happen after reaching one of our targets, but you know that normally we have these indicators with “plenty of room for growth”. This is not a positive signal for us. But still I am teaching, because it doesn’t really matter, we don’t trade for days, WE HOLD HERE FOR LONG.
  • The weekly chart does not have much information, but it looks good, just green candles and last week was a consolidation week. So we are looking great for the future. The RSI has plenty of room for growth in the weekly time frame, this interests me a lot. This is a positive signal, a bullish signal… to me. Here is the chart for your learning and entertainment: FirstBlood (1st) cryptocurrency trade analysis
  • Now… Let’s trade.


Message of the day… LOVE

The word that came to my mind, was love.

I was looking at the chart and I felt it more and more.

What is love, how can you understand?

How can I use this energy, for the betterment of myself?

Love is the essence, that lives within us all.
Love is the light, that can shine even through walls.

Love is the truth, of who you are. Who is everybody else.
Love is the light, that shines over this world.

My name is Alan, and I am here to love you all.
With love you can attain patience, and with patience you can HOLD.

(Got you at the end… :P)

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