GAS/BTC, available on Binance and Poloneix.

This is a technical analysis.
Here you will get instructions on how to trade this coin to reduce risk and maximize profits.


  • GAS hit a bottom on the 8th December, 0.000879, from there it started to go up. The lowest point to reach happened a month after being added to Binance on September 4. After that, this coin has been trading really strong. There is a pattern with coins listed on Binance, people buy there a lot, these coins become strong.
  • The daily chart for GAS looks good, the indicators are positive and moving up. The last few days there has been a struggle, huge swings but the price remains stable.
  • The green arrow and black lines on the chart are examples of support levels. If the price drops, you can expect it to bounce back from these levels.

Take a look at the chart: GAS

  • The weekly chart is just green. It looks good for long term growth. There isn’t much information, so we have to wait and see to understand how this coin will move. The signals are way more bullish than bearish, so the future for GAS is positive overall.


Buy-in: 0.002350 – 0.003150


(1) 0.003830 * Target reached on 9-Jan-18 *
(2) 0.004540 * Target reached on 14-Jan-18 *
(3) 0.005680 * Target reached on 14-Jan-18 *
(4) 0.006500 * Target reached on 15-Jan-18 *
(5) 0.007510
(6) 0.010500 (New All Time High)

Stop-loss: 0.001917


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