I was hesitant to do a PINK coin analysis. Maybe I got caught on the comments about this or that, you know what?
My people asked for it, the charts look really good, so what we do with it? We trade for profits.

Let’s see what the charts are telling us.
As usual, this is a long trade, and we are going to be aiming for new highs with this coin, as the last highs are not as marked on the charts, so there is room for new growth. But, this is also a fast trade, so play safe, use only a small portions of your capital… Let’s do this… Now, Let’s Trade!


PINK Trade Technical Analysis & Trade Instructions


  • After reaching what seems to be a bottom, PINK consolidated for a few days, the common amount of time, about 10 days, and finally took off and it is now in an uptrend.
  • This drop where the coin holds and consolidates at the bottom, always happens after some period of MACD positive divergence. So we have the signal of buyers accumulating coins, a final push down by sellers and then buyers coming back strong.
  • We also have a very strong breakout on the daily chart. We just need to close it positive today.
  • The indicators are all bullish and there is still room for growth, not as much as we normally get but still plenty enough to bless us with huge profits.
  • The weekly chart looks better. Here the MACD, RSI and DMI have plenty of room for growth, I am liking that word more and more, ‘plenty’. I will show you the chart now… for your entertainment.

Weekly chart: PINK Cryptocurrency trade analysis

  • The way this chart is set up is also good. The candles and chart formation you see above are giving some very strong signals. We like to close the day/week above 750 to have a very potentially profitable next week. Aiming for levels that are 2-3x higher than our buy-in range.
  • Let’s get to the instructions now, the charts look good.


Buy-in: 0.00000590 – 0.00000750

PINK Targets:

(1) 0.00000954
(2) 0.00001230
(3) 0.00001650
(4) 0.00002420
(5) 0.00003150 (New All Time High)

Note: Sell strong on the targets, this coin receives a lot of push back when going up strong according to the charts. So it is good to secure your profits. You can use the “Selling the Targets (Part 1) – Profits without Risk’ strategy.

Stop-loss: 0.00000389


Message of the day: Life goes on

Today is another day.
Today another day has come.

Yesterday we had many opportunities.
Once again today, we have many, many more.

So don’t get discouraged if your chance hasn’t come.
Life was made for you, so you will always receive support.

Stay strong through the process.
Challenges will come.

The goal is to grow together.
So that you can all visit me, in my new home.

Mantra: “Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem”

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