I would like to show you how a “confirmed” breakout looks like. The coin/cryptocurrency that we will be trading today is called Databits (DTB). I like the name.

Below you can see the daily chart (A chart where each candle represents an entire day; 24 hours period).

Databits (DTB) Daily Chart: Databits (DTB) Trade Analysis, Coin Idea by Alanmaster.comNow, this red line you see on the image, going from the top all the way to the bottom, touches all the highest points, highest price the coin has reached on each ride. Now, if you look at the end of the image above, you can see that the last high and the red line cross each other. If the trading day today closes above 0.000116, then we have a confirmed breakout. By the looks of it, we might close much, much higher than that.


Databits (DTB) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.000132 – 0.000175


(1) 0.000206
(2) 0.000276
(3) 0.000378
(4) 0.000453
(5) 0.000550 (All time high)
(6) 0.000821 (New all time high; dreamland)

Stop-loss: 0.000102


  • In the daily chart you see above, all the indicators are bullish. The indicators are the different set of lines that you can see at the bottom part of the chart. These indicators include the MACD, RSI, STOCH, DMI and OBV, from top to bottom. They are all telling me, telling us, that this coin is bullish, meaning, that it is going up. Wants to go up, and that is exactly what it is doing.
  • You can also gain information from the candles. Yesterday we had a neutral candle and today we have a positive one. The candle needs to close for it to be read accurately.
  • Moving to the weekly chart, this one looks very good. This is good for us as we can make good money here.
  • All the indicators are bullish but the difference between this and the daily chart, is that here we see “plenty of room for growth”, meaning, they are moving up but still in the low or middle range. This allows plenty of room for growth because they can go much, much higher. I will show you the chart soon.
  • We also have the curve on the chart, the candles and the big green candle at the end, the uptrend and also the TD sequential indicator… It doesn’t matter how you slice it, this is bullish.
  • Here is the chart for your entertainment: Databits (DTB) Trade Analysis by Alanmaster.com

These are all the indicators. Better yet, these are the signals. These signals are telling us that Databits (DTB) is in a strong position and that it wants to give us some easy money. Thanks, challenge accepted, we will take the money.


My message of enlightenment

As you go through life, grow through life, day by day. Everything becomes clear, you learn to relax, to breath, to wait.

As you grow through life, every single day. You learn that experiences, is what you are here to gain.

As you go through life, having new experiences everyday. You realize is not about the good ones, the bad ones are also part of the game.

As you become life yourself and learn the true meaning of this game.

You will be always looking for others, that are willing to listen and open to learn.

When life gets to that point, where we just want to live without understand.

That’s when enlightenment comes, that is what you are here to obtain.

Mantra: “Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem”

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