At the time of this writing Gnosis (GNO) is worth a huge $361 USD, according to CoinMarketCap. At the same time this cryptocurrency is sitting at the rank of 93 on the Top100 cryptocurrencies. This is a strong coin, we love strong coins for long term gains, the charts also look strong and once this trade takes off, which will take lots of time and patience, we will all be happy to have joined at the bottom, to enjoy the entire ride… while taking profits.

Remember, my strategy is one and one only, and it is the simplest strategy of all. The basics and simplicity always win, and that is, BUY LOW & SELL HIGH.

We can try to buy low by buying now, the challenge will come to you, will you be able to wait to sell high? I will, my entire team will, and I know you can. So let’s look at the details… Now, let’s trade.


Gnosis (GNO) Trade Idea / Coin Analysis and Trading Instructions by


Buy-in: 0.024 – 0.032

Gnosis (GNO) Targets:

(1) 0.0431
(2) 0.0661
(3) 0.1001
(4) 0.1301
(5) 0.1631
(6) 0.2601 (New All Time High = Lala land)

Stop-loss: 0.01999

Note: I was asked about my stop-loss, asking about the “huge” risk of a 30, 40 or even 50% stop-loss. We are trading cryptocurrencies, a very fast and unpredictable markets. I  make it look easy, yes. I make it easy, yes, but it isn’t easy if you don’t have the guidance, if you don’t have a trained and professional Master guiding you. The reason why we can have a huge stop loss are two. (1) You need a stop loss where you get won’t kicked out by a minor correction. If you look at these corrections, when Altcoins prices all go down at once, what you can see is that the prices  bounces off quickly when reaching support, if you had a weak stop loss, you would lose your coins, lose your money and then miss the trade. With a strong stop loss, this “correction” only becomes a small wait and you can profit from this trade. (2) The risks vs rewards is the second part. We are aiming for 50-80%, 100, 200, 300 and even 500% profits and we make this type of profits over and over again with our trades. So a 40% risk vs a potential 500% gain is nothing. This is what it takes to trade cryptocurrencies, high risk and high rewards. But, there is a solution to all of this apart from diversification, you can set a manual stop loss, meaning that you can set your own price and do 10% below your buy-in, and that’s your solution. You can now risk only 10% and have a huge profits potential. But also keep in mind that you can get kicked out of your trade at any given time as a “weak hand”. We don’t hold weak hands. We join in a position of strength. We know what we are doing, that’s why we have so many successful trades.

Here is my Trading View profile (click here), browse through the pages and see what you get. You will find trade after trade after trade, where tens of thousands of people made incredible profits, by following one simple instruction, and the instruction I give them, is to HOLD & WAIT.

Let’s continue to the indicators that tells me this is a good trade. This is the reason why we are buying this coin, this is the reason why we hold and wait. The charts are telling us something…. “Hey Buy Me, Soon Enough I Will Be Great”… Thanks for the information, I’m on my way… Namaste.


So yes, we had enough of that. Lets look at the indicators and see what we can learn.

  • This time, let’s start with a shorter time-frame, to make it more entertaining. We are in a very clear uptrend on this time-frame, but this is a short time-frame, things can change fast. I draw two different channels, a small one and a bigger one. This is just for your entertainment, so enjoy it… Gnosis (GNO) Trade Analysis
  • Now let’s move on to the daily chart. This is a time-frame that I trust more, 24 hours is a good time in the cryptocurrency market, every 24 hour we can learn something new that can really affect how this trade will develop. 1 Week will tell you even more. Let’s start with the daily chart.
  • Here are the same channels, the same coin (GNO) and the same charts, the only difference is the time frame. The first thing that you can notice is that the channel does not look as “inclined” as in the 4 hours chart. Now it looks more reasonable, like “Yes, it can be done.” The indicators are all moving up. The MACD shows plenty of room for growth but the RSI is “close”, not that close but close, to reaching overbought. Here is the chart again, I took a closer look but won’t be sharing another image… Gnosis (GNO) Money Making Trade Idea by Alan Masters
  • The weekly chart is pretty interesting. The EMA is 50% higher than the actual price, our buy-in, this is a very bullish signal.
  • The weekly candles are very bullish, here is a prediction. We will have some more action this week, depending on how this week closes we will have a neutral or consolidation week for the next one or two weeks, and then we go on a nice long term upward movement ride. Or, if this week closes strong, which we have a huge possibility, then we go straight to the action. Straight to the money and fun.
  • The indicators are showing plenty of room for growth on the weekly chart. As usual, the fun there is yet to start. One final image, and we are done… Gnosis (GNO) Trading Cryptocurrency Platform

Message for patience

Today I am breathing, patiently looking for my next step.

I am not thinking of waiting or holding, just enjoying the moment or whatever comes next.

Patience is not about being able to wait.

Patience is about living what you are doing, being able to enjoy it regardless of what might come next.

Patience is the feeling that you can develop that tells you that everything will be ok.

When you feel that your breathing, at the moment, is more important than anything else.

When you can truly tell yourself, I deserve this moment for myself.

When you are in a hot trade, and you can tell yourself and do it, “I am not going to sleep”.

These things work on their own, all you have to do is believe.

Believe in my analysis and the trust you put when you decided, that you wanted to join this trade with me.


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