So you just joined, and you are looking for a place to start, how to start? How do I split my Bitcoins? That is exactly what we are about to discuss today.


How To Diversify A Big, As Well As A Small, Capital

Let’s say you have 20 Bitcoins and you want to know the most basic way to split your Bitcoins to start following my trade ideas. To join long term trades with me that will yield huge profits, with very low risk. Here are some of the suggestions that I give my supporters…

But first, a note, each person is different. Better yet, each human being is different and lives under different circumstances with different believes systems. Each one of us also have different goals, so when looking at these suggestions, make sure to always think of your goals as you read them so that you can adapt them to yourself and make the best use possible of them. They do not need to be followed by the letter, they are there to give you some ideas which you can utilize to better accomplish your goals.

Let’s let look at the details, let’s read the suggestions on how to diversify your Bitcoins when you have a big holding. Let’s start big first, I like big:

1) First example: 50-20 Bitcoins Capital

  • In the first example let’s say you hold 20 Bitcoins. There are not many people that are using this much money to trade altcoins, you can move most of the coins with this money, it wouldn’t be easy to join a trade with that much money. So it is smart to “split” these Bitcoins and diversify your money. This will also lower your risks in case the trade doesn’t go as planned.
  • So let’s say that your goal is to increase your amount of Bitcoins. Some other people can be thinking about making some cash that they can withdraw every week, others can be thinking about growing their dollars value while others can think that they want to hold altcoins for long term. You need to take into consideration your own goals in order to apply this knowledge. So in this case, we want to increase our number of Bitcoins. Ok, let’s do it.
  • The first thing is that you should consider is keeping 25% of your capital in Bitcoins. You can leave it there for two reasons, (1) holding Bitcoin in case the alts drop and as an opportunity to ride that wave while you wait for the correction to be over and (2), as free capital which you can use to buy coins that really good opportunities.
  • The remaining 75%, in this example 15 Bitcoins. You can split into different trades. You can put 1 BTC in 15 trades, just as you can put 0.5 BTC in 30. It is really up to you. You can also put 2 BTC in 7 trades, if you don’t want to track too many coins. These are just ideas that you can adapt to your own goals.
  • With 50 Bitcoins, you can keep 50% for longer term investment or safe in Bitcoin and use the remaining 50% for Altcoins trading. You should be able to always profit from different trades, by simply buying and holding long on every single trade. Every week you will be cashing in on a coin/trade that is giving you at least 50 to 200% profits. This is easy if you have patience. Patience is the key to win big in this game.

2) Second example: 10 Bitcoins Capital

  • Now this is a lower amount of Bitcoins from the example above, and this time you have two different goals. You want to increase your amount of Bitcoins but also withdraw cash every two weeks. That’s perfect. I actually love it, fits my style. Grow the virtual money, the money making machine, while taking physical money for YOU, the family, friends, food, car, house and all the comfort that I deserve, and you deserve, at home. So yes, let’s do it.
  • With this capital you can keep 20% in Bitcoins, thats 2 Bitcoins in this example. That’s your safe money, the Bitcoins that will always ride the Bitcoin wave and at the same time it might be used, if a really good opportunity comes around, to join a trade. But this 20% is on a completely different wallet. The intention is not to touch it.
  • 80% Is used to trade altcoins. Join the trade within buy-in range, hold like horse and sell on target. You will be making profits, after profits after profits. And it is really fun once you learn to relax and wait through the process. You will just see your balance increase more and more after few weeks of joining trades and waiting patiently, that’s the fun part, when your trades start to pay off. But it requires some time, it requires waiting. It requires something that you already have… Patience.
  • You can do 10% per trade, 5%, or any amount you like depending on the amount of trades you can to track. At least 6-8 trades are recommended. It is good to diversify. Some trades take off right away, others takes weeks, other months. So having money in different trades will keep you safe all along.

3) Third example: 5 Bitcoins Capital

  • This is the time to take your chance. Split that money in 10 or 20 and start joining all the trades you like. Think about growth and growing, the more the better and work on that. Make sure to follow the instructions of every trade, think before joining and remember that in order to make money, you must have the ability to receive energy and this ability can be gained through deep breathing.
  • So join your trades, relax, breath deeply and let the market decide what comes next. You are completely secure, you have a plan from the beginning. Following your plan is what will make you successful in the end.
  • If you want to withdraw, you can take 10-20% of your profits, but without taking money out of your capital. Your capital must grow for you to grow.

4) Fourth example: A Small Amount of Bitcoins (2 or less)

  • Trade, trade, trade. Learn as much as you can, try to learn how to swing trade. Keep a close eye on the targets, sell and buy back lower, maximize all of your potential earnings, this is the time to put effort into it, this is the time to grow.
  • This same capital can also be used easily, by setting it and forgetting it. This will grow slower but it will still be massive growth over time.

So if you were wondering how to split your Bitcoins, I hope these suggestions can do the job.

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