I am doing now a trade analysis for the cryptocurrency GameCredits (GAME).

I’ve shown you in several trades how the MACD positive divergence signal plays out. For this coin, GameCredits, there was a signal of positive divergence on the daily chart for a period of 1.5 months, a flash crash in price and after that a breakout. This marks the end of the accumulation/consolidation period. We now start a new trend. An uptrend. We want to ride that wave… all the way to the TOP.

This is just one indicator, but history tells us that this might be all that we need… We missed a huge part of the party, but wait until we look at the weekly chart… There is more to come from this coin… There is still abundance for us to receive.


GameCredits (GAME) Trade Analysis


Buy-in: 0.000380 – 0.000480


(1) 0.00075
(2) 0.00100
(3) 0.00138
(4) 0.00162
(5) 0.00200
(6) 0.00300 (New All Time High)

Note: Remember that you can sell the targets on a range. You can do -5% +/- 5% for each target. You can go all the way to 10% if you like.

Stop-loss: 0.000337


  • I was looking at this coin for a few days and I noticed that it needed a small retrace, so I waited before sharing it. GAME reached 0.000355 with Bitcoins correction on South Korea fake news, and it bounced back strong from that price. Two days earlier there was a breakout at 0.00035, so this counts as a good support. It can be tested again, sure, but we are already on an uptrend, so we are more interested in potential profits rather than potential loss.

Here is the daily chart: GameCredits (GAME) Alanmaster.com Trade Idea Coin Analysis

  • In the above chart you can see the red line as the long term downward trend that we are breaking off. This trend was broken a while back, but we measure it since the day we join.
  • I’ve marked in orange the period of accumulation where you get the MACD positive divergence signal. I also marked how all the indicators are trending up. These are just a few indications.

Now, here is why I really like this trade… The weekly chart. Look at it first and then we look at the details: GameCredits (GAME) Alan Masters Trade Analysis

  • The chart above is really interesting because of the over abundance of bullish signals. Bullish means the signals are trending, or want to trend, up, in the language of the people that deal with this type of stuff.
  • The candlesticks looks great. The chart formation as well looks pretty good but the indicators are the strongest part.
  • The MACD just crossed-over after a long decline of several months. The RSI is turning bullish and showing plenty of room for growth, as well as the DMI and OBV.
  • This might not go straight to new highs, but we can still hold this coin in profit for long term and see how this trade develops. For now, the signals are good. The charts are great. There aren’t many signs of pump & dump activity so this is also good for us, strong hands.
  • Now, let’s get to it… Let’s trade.


A Message of Living

Times are always good, but they are not always the same.

Times came be fruitful, active, passionate, as they can also be stagnant, calmed and relaxed as well.

Different mood, different times, but it is all you. It can all be enjoyed, it can all really be good.

The time of productivity comes you go out produce at your best.

But when the period of relaxation comes you must rest, or you will be filled with worry and stress.

So the cycle goes one, here comes another trade. Just know that some days will be really good, while others will be less great.

The goal is not for all the days to be perfect, but see the perfection in the lessons that show up in your way.

Regardless if this is about giving or receiving, there is always something to learn.

Take that lesson and grow with it, because that is what can get you what you want in the end.

Enjoy every single day like it is the best possible day.

You can do this with your mindset, just tell yourself… “Here I come again, today I am going to have a wonderful day”.

And that is exactly how it will happen, if you wish it every morning, every single day.

Alan Master here, your Cryptocurrency Trading Guide also your Spiritual Friend.

Mantra: “Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem”

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