I was given a tool today to check out “news” and events for all sorts of cryptocurrency coins/projects. After looking at Legends Room, I can see the team behind this project is organizing an event/meet up in Las Vegas tomorrow (13th Jan). So, is this going to make our trade stronger? Will this help move the price or build up momentum? If yes, then we’ll take it. We can use this to our advantage, this might be something that can help improve our trade but in the meantime, let’s look at the charts, I believe they have something to say.

Our trade today is for Legends Room (LGD). I believe we can make some money trading this coin. I truly do… let’s look at the charts.


Legends (LGD) Trade Analysis & Instructions by Alan Masters


  • A strong breakout can be seen on the daily chart, which happened on the 25th December. You might look at the chart and think that the increase in price is small, the candles are not so big based on the last all time high, but when you look at the price swings after this breakout, we are talking about 30 to 100% price increase. So this is a strong breakout, and we are now in this new trend. Look at the following chart, so that you can understand…

Daily chart: Legends Room (LGD) Trade Analysis

  • If I draw a channel on the chart above, you can see clearly what I am talking about. In fact, let’s do it, here you have it. Additional to the ascending channel you can see that the indicators are trending up…

4 hours chart: Legends Room (LGD) Alanmaster.com Trade Analysis

  • The weekly chart is pretty basic but really strong. Take a look for our last image…

Weekly chart: Legends Room (LGD) Coin Analysis by Alan Masters

  • I am not mentioning the MACD, RSI and the rest of the indicators because you can see them in the images. Also, you learn a little bit about these from every trade I share. So this time we can skip those details and move on to the instructions on to trade.
  • Low trading volume signals that the action is yet to start, this allows for plenty of room for growth.


Buy-in: 0.00015 – 0.00022

Note: What this means is that you can buy this coin as long as the price is below 0.0002100 btc.


(1) 0.000462
(2) 0.000662
(3) 0.000982
(4) 0.001492

More targets (for really long term holders):

(5) 0.002322 (New all time high)
(6) 0.003672

Stop-loss: 0.000096


My Message To You Today: More Money

Today, let’s focus on making even more money.

Remember that all you need to do is buy and wait. While you are waiting you hold.

Hold your coins. It is pretty simple.

You buy and hold, and hold while you wait.

The next step are the targets, that’s it. You are in profit now.

You can sell the targets in whatever way you want.

You can sell a small amount on each target, you can sell everything, it is up to you.

You are in profits. So buy and hold, then sell on target.

That is actually how you get to the profits… with patience.

Mantra: “Om Stanesha Vahtu Nevehem”

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