I am now looking at the Project Decorum (PDC) charts. This coin challenged new highs back on June 2017 and then again on September 2017, three months apart. A nice breakout on the daily chart is now telling me that another wave is coming. My question to you is the following, do you want to ride this wave?


Project Decorum (PDC) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Let’s start with the indicators shall we?

  • Look at the daily chart, you can already recognize everything that I am about to tell you. There was a 1 month period of strong accumulation, you can tell this by the following signal, positive divergence on the MACD daily chart. Now look at this pattern, a drop in price right after the end of the accumulation period (marked by the positive divergence signal) and then a change of trend.
  • You can see that all the indicators are bullish and the broken trend line. These are all reasons for us to buy this coin. These are very strong signals. In fact, you would become a rich person (financially) just by learning to spot these signals.

Let’s take a look at the daily chart for your learning and entertainment: Project Decorum (PDC)

  • The weekly charts also look positive. The MACD hasn’t crossed over yet but it is curving. The other indicators are also turning bullish. What this means is that it is early in the game, the real action is yet to start.

Here comes the weekly chart for your learning and entertainment. Enjoy it.
Weekly chart: Project Decorum (PDC) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.000016 – 0.000022


(1) 0.0000271
(2) 0.0000341
(3) 0.0000461
(4) 0.0000541
(5) 0.0000651

We are not aiming for new highs for this trade but, just in case, here are the next targets.
(6) 0.0000961 (New all time high)
(7) 0.0001441

Stop-loss: 0.00001099


Message of the day: Money

Today, let’s focus on making money.


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