This is the coin that I’ve been looking at for my “Binance People”. Hshare (HSR).

Just like we started with our last trade, SWT, let’s start this one. Let’s look at the bigger picture, the full chart to see if we can spot the potential of this coin / trade in a glance.

Hshare (HSR) Binance Trade Analysis by Alan Masters (

And again we start with the indicators, now that we have the chart…


  • The chart above is a daily chart. You can see a long period of very strong positive divergence shown by the MACD.
  • The MACD is also crossing over with plenty of room for growth.
  • The MACD, RSI and STOCH are all trending bullish.
  • There is also a breakout on the daily chart today, but this will only be confirmed once the trading day closes.
  • The shorter time-frames, 1h, 2h and 4h charts, are all looking very bullish.
  • The weekly chart shows that the action is yet to come, which is a signal telling us “plenty of room for growth”.
  • There are many more positive indicators, plus not much negative, so we can position ourselves by opening new positions (buying this coin), for the long run.

Now let’s make some easy money.
Let’s have some fun.


Buy-in: 0.00120 – 0.00170

First major resistance: 0.00260


(1) 0.00320
(2) 0.00420
(3) 0.00620
(4) 0.00820
(5) 0.00990 (All Time High)
(6) 0.01520 (New All Time High)

Stop-loss: 0.000910


Message of Abundance

“Generosity is the key to abundance”.


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