I received a tip about Trustcoin (TRST) as a message on Trading View. I saw some potential for this coin but it wasn’t huge, but there were some news coming out on the pipeline for this coin, and we all know how cryptocurrency traders love news, so I decide to jump in, and it was the right choice, the price has been going up and holding strong and the potential for either a huge gain or a short one are there.

The news event was moved for today (24th Jan.), so the announcement can give us another push, as media attention generates momentum, so we use this as one of our indicators for a possible profitable trade. Now, breath deeply and RELAX… let’s look at the details for this trade:


Trustcoin (TRST) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters


Buy-in: 0.000065 – 0.000080


(1) 0.000093
(2) 0.000103
(3) 0.000133
(4) 0.000153
(5) 0.000173
(6) 0.000243 (New all time high)

Stop-loss: 0.000057


  • We had a very strong bounce yesterday on the daily chart, and this coin looks like it wants more. Let’s start by looking at the daily chart: Trustcoin (TRST) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters
  • The little formation you see in the chart above tells me that this coin wants more. Today we can either consolidate or move straight up. The indicators are curving (or already curved) to continue its move up. The last few negative days served as the retrace, so we can expect more action to come.
  • The news event coming up today is as good as a strong indicator, as this Alternative Cryptocurrency (Altcoin) market moves hard on news.
  • This coin has low volume which allows plenty of room for growth.
  • The weekly chart is young, but it shows plenty of room available for growth as well.
  • With the indicators out of our way… Now… Let’s trade!!!


Message of Peacefulness, Passion, Love & Compassion

Being peaceful is part of knowing love.

Having the passion to do what you like, is knowing love in its true form.

Having compassion for others, specially for yourself, it is all that it takes to achieve peacefulness, and grow the love within oneself.

Being calmed is not a state of not moving, being shy or feeling slow. It is all about what is within you, the security and understanding that you are the one and only true love.

Your essence of your unique Spiritual Divine Soul.

Peace, love, passion and compassion, is what all of us human beings will become.

Namaste… My dear love!

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