Let’s take a close look at OmiseGO (OMG) for a quick trade.

This is a very strong coin which is available on Binance, Poloneix, BitFinex, Bittrex and other exchanges, so this trade is available for everyone basically.

OMG is a very active coin and it has been seeing positive upward action for a while now. We just bounced from the support line of an ascending channel, so there is room for more growth. Several other indicators are also telling me that this coin can be good for a quick and risky profitable trade.

Let’s take a look…

Below you can find the trade instructions:

Buy-in: 0.00148 – 0.00178


(1) 0.00198
(2) 0.00228 (Aim for this target)
(3) 0.00248

Additional targets (longer term):

(4) 0.00278
(5) 0.00358

Stop-loss: 0.001420 (Maximum risk about 20%)

Note: The stop loss is recommended for this trade. If the trade goes south, the stop loss will cut your loss and kick you out of the trade.

Here you can see the ascending “green” channel on the daily chart:

OmiseGO (OMG) by Alan Masters


Patience is the key to success…

The key to success when trading cryptocurrencies…

When organizing your life (solving problems)…

When trying to achieve happiness & wealth…

Patience and deep breathing is the key to attaining everything you want, good or bad, in this lifetime.


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